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Hire inspirational and motivational guest speakers to motivate and inspire your audience or emcee your special event, seminar or show. Public motivational speakers inspire your clients and your staff and increase performance, profit, and achievement!

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Andy LoRusso The Singing Chef, Fun Team-building Exercises

Barbara Dooley Cancer Survivor, Faith-Based, Fun and Charismatic, Sales
Bill O’Reilly Fox Broadcast Journalist, Political Commentator, Current Events
Bob Becker TV Broadcaster, Power of Persistence, How to Re-Invent Yourself
Bob Eubanks Newlywed Game Host, Enhancing People Skills and Relationships
Brian Biro Leadership, Possibility Thinking, Thriving on Change, Team-building
Brian Tracy CEO, Leadership, Selling, Strategy, Creativity

Captain Charles Plumb Top Gun Navy Pilot, Combat Veteran, Adversity, Change
Captain Gerald Coffee Navy Pilot, POW, Overcoming Adversity, Leadership 
Cary Mullen  Olympic Medalist, Adapt to Adversity and Enjoy it,
Casey Wohl Author, Publisher, Travel Expert, Career Reinvention
Chad Hymas Business President, Best-selling Author, Wheelchair Athlete
Christine Van Loo Olympian Aerialist, Overcoming and Achieving Success
Craig Karges Visualization, Affirmations, Goal Setting

Danny Cox Air Force, Author, Sonic Boom Sales, Leadership
Denis Waitley Psychology of Winning, Being the Best, Joy of Working
Derek Dooley Football Coach, Teamwork, Leadership
Derrick and Julie Tennant  Overcoming Adversity with Humor
Don Hutson Co-Author One-Minute Entrepreneur, Tailored Presentations
Dr. Benjamin Carson Education, Leadership, Overcoming Obstacles
Dr. Charles Krauthammer Pulitzer Prize Journalist, Best-Selling Author
Dr. Mae Jemison Astronaut, Health and Technology Issues Speaker
Dr. William ‘Bill’ Bennett Education Secretary, Author, Radio Show Host
Dr. Healthnut David Nico PhD, Leadership Well-being Expert

Frank Miles Overcoming Fear to Achieve Goals, Humorous Presentation

Garrison Wynn Success, Humorous Business Trainer, Changing Times
Gary Guller Mountaineer, Diversity and Inclusion, Collective Leadership
Gary Sinise Actor, Speaker, Musician, Military Veterans Advocate
General Colin Powell My American Journey, Democratic Values and Freedom
Glenn Strange Laugh and Learn, Stop Communicating and Start Connecting

Harvey Mackay Business Success, Relationships -Customers and Employees
Inky Johnson Football Star, Faith and Perseverance, Overcoming Obstacles
Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life Host, Author

Jackie Pflug Terrorism Survivor, Courage to Succeed, Positive Attitude
Jack Canfield CEO Chicken Soup for Soul, America’s #1 Success Coach
Jeffrey Gitomer Sales Bible, Customer Loyalty, Event Training
Jenna Bush Hager TODAY Show, Power of Compassion, Journey of Hope
Jill Rappaport TODAY Show, Animal Advocate, Best-selling Author
Joe Calloway New Ways of Thinking, Think Competitively, Improve Constantly
Joe Vitale Hypnotic Marketing, Secrets of Success, Making Money Online
John Amatt Mt. Everest Climber, Education, Effective Teamwork

Joshua Seth Psychological Illusionist, Comedian
J. R. Martinez Veteran, Dancing With Stars Winner, Overcoming Challenges

Karen Mills Comedian, Aging with Humor, All-American Basketball Star
Karl Rove Political Analyst and Pundit, FOX News Contributor, WSJ Columnist
Kathleen Landis Pianist, Developing Musical Intuition, Joy of Improvising

Les Brown Live Your Dreams, Speech Coach, Empowering Youth
Linda Ellerbee Television Journalist, Breast Cancer Survivor, World Adventures
Lou Ferrigno Actor, Body Builder, Overcoming Handicap, Physical-Mental Health
Lynn Goldsmith Photographer, Reinvention, Breaking Limiting Thought Patterns

Major Dan Rooney Fighter Pilot, PGA Professional, Philanthropist and Author
Mark Victor Hansen Chicken Soup for Soul, Create the Life You Deserve
Mark Robinson Entertaining Magician, Emcee, Think Out of The Box
Mike Rayburn Funny Guitar Virtuoso, Leap Beyond Your Limitations
Mitch Gaylord Olympic Medalist, Applying “Gold Medal Mind-Set Goals”

Nancy Seagal Hypnotherapist, Overcoming Adversity, Best-Selling Author
Naomi Judd Health, Aging, Parenting, Power of Mind Spirit Connection
Noah Galloway Military Veteran, Health and Fitness Expert

Ona Brown World Impact Now, Consultant, Trainer, Empowerment Speaker

Peter Vidmar Olympic Medalist, Leadership and Determination

Ricky Kalmon Entertaining Empowerment Coach, “Unlock the Power Within”
Rob Waldo Waldman Author, Sales, Leadership, Health
Robert Kriegel Keeping Ahead of Business Changes, Challenges, Competition
Robert Michael Fried Balance Money & Meaning, Marketing Plan For Life
Rocky Bleier Ordinary People Can Achieve, Determination to Reach Goals

Scott Cantrell Becoming More Productive, Time and Self-Management  
Steve Ford Actor, Removing Stigma of Cancer, Leadership with Character  
Susan B. Neuman Secretary of Education, Literacy, Fostering a Learning Spirit
Suzanne Somers Improving Self-Esteem, Dealing with Cancer, Health

The Passing Zone Comedian Jugglers, Teamwork, Power of Partnership
Thomas Connellan Getting the Best From People, Gaining Customer Loyalty
Thomas Dismukes Humorous Storyteller, Living a Healthy and Successful Life

Vallie Collins Plane Crash Survivor, Improving and Appreciating Your Life
Vince Dooley Former Football Coach, Teamwork and Sportsmanship, Gardening

Wally Amos Famous Amos Cookie CEO, Recipe For Successful Life, Education

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