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Booking Action Artists and Musical Performance Painters

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With over twenty years of successful experience, we’re your best entertainment agent and talent agency for hiring and booking the best musical performance painters and top action artists. Please enjoy our biographies and videos of professional Performance Painters and Action Painter Artists like Michael Israel, Brian Olsen, David Garibaldi, and Dan Dunn. Bookmark this site and call today for free information about hiring any of these speed painters and and producing your event! Feel free to contact us 7 days a week at 888-655-4575.

Agent for Action Artist Michael Israel


Michael Israel Movement in Art.

Unlike other performances, Michael Israel’s is without gimmick or guile. It is artistic entertainment in the truest form. One cannot help but realize that what they have experienced is the pure exhilaration of the artistic process, fortified by the audience’s powerful energy connecting to Michael Israel as he creates. One is not so much an observer or a witness, but an active, cogent participant in the spell-binding, breath-taking production, and it is a fabulous event!

See more about booking and hiring Action Artist Michael Israel and enjoy his Performance Painter video


Agency for hiring performance painter Brian OlsenBrian Olsen Art In Motion

“I have always been passionate about art and the energy it can release. My passion for painting, especially the challenge of portraits, grew from varied roots: photography in Hawaii to landscape design in college (of all things). But it was Denny Dent who put it all together for me. He showed me how he used the SHOW part of the performance to drive home the real message of personal creativity, and how to let the music and audience drive the process to the dramatic conclusion.” With Denny’s encouragement and guidance, Brian Olsen launched his own performance career. Brian’s Art in Action is modeled after Denny’s, but the repertoire is more diverse. Brian’s recent work of Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne had audiences “blown away”.

Book or hire performance painter and action artist Brian Olsen and click to see his speed painting video


Agency booking and hiring painter David Garibaldi


David Garibaldi Rhythm and Hue

David Garibaldi had always combined his passion for music and color, or rhythm and hue, in his artwork. But it wasn’t until viewing performance painter Denny Dent’s portrait of Jimi Hendrix that Garibaldi discovered how his passion for paint and music could be an inspirational experience for more than just himself. David discovered music-driven-art, and in some ways it discovered him, revealing a portrait of passion and purpose.

“I create images in an entertaining way and my hope is to inspire the audience to use their passion to benefit and inspire others,” said Garibaldi. “That is music and color. That is rhythm and hue.”

See David Garibaldi’s musical performance painting video and learn more about booking and hiring this action artist


Dan Dunn  PaintJam Agent for hiring and booking Dan Dunn

After running his own successful caricature talent agency, Caricatures Ink., for many years, Dan Dunn discovered his amazing PAINTJAM abilities after being inspired by work of the late, great, artist, Denny Dent. Dan rented a storage warehouse, draped it in plastic and began to throw some paint. It was his stunning performance at an event in Atlantic City that first brought international attention to the classically-trained painter.

Overwhelmed by the crowd’s reaction to the unique show, Dan’s daughter posted a recording of the sensational footage on YouTube. It wasn’t long before PAINTJAM went viral and had received millions of hits and garnered the painter widespread acclaim! At it’s peak, Dan Dunn was the 45th most viewed video on YouTube and was getting 85,000 views per hour!

Book or hire Action Artist Dan Dunn and see more about this musical performance painter

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