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STEVE BROGAN Funny Ventriloquist Show!

STEVE BROGAN: Another Great Event with Funny Ventriloquist!

Steve Brogan Ventriloquist AgencyWe’ve booked popular comic ventriloquist Steve Brogan many times and audiences always enjoy his shows. This was a private show for a corporate holiday event. We were on site to help our client and thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s show as did the 150 person team. You should book Steve Brogan with us for your shows and events too because you and your audience will have a fun and memorable evening! Call us now at 888-655-4575!

Before the show Steve told us that:

  • His uncle was a ventriloquist and started teaching him ventriloquism when Steve was just seven years old. He would have Steve put a marble in his mouth and practice speaking clearly. Over time, his uncle had Steve add marbles until he could speak well with his mouth full of marbles!
  • Steve also shared that he is friends with and shares ideas with other top ventriloquists such as Jay Johnson and Jeff Dunham and that there are only about 40 professional ventriloquists worldwide.
  • Steve also says that over the last twelve years, 25 percent of America’s Got Talent winners have been ventriloquists!

Call us now to book and hire Funny Ventriloquist Steve Brogan because:

  • Steve is so popular that in 2018, he will perform over 150 shows all across the U.S.!
  • Steve Brogan’s television appearances include PBS, ABC Good Morning America, The Fox Network, Good Morning Louisiana, The Red Green Show, and The Carolina Camera.
  • Steve is sure to make you and your audience laugh because his show always involves his audience and Steve has many different funny characters and twenty-one different voices he can do
  • Steve Brogan has developed the talent God gave him to the level of a skilled professional and has won national awards in ventriloquism throughout the years!

Ventriloquist Steve Brogan Booking

So don’t be a dummy, call us now at 888-655-4575 to check available dates for hiring top funny ventriloquist Steve Brogan!

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2 thoughts on “STEVE BROGAN Funny Ventriloquist Show!”
  1. Charlie says:

    Good blog, Steve Brogan’s video is funny!

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Thanks Charlie. Steve Brogan is funny and he always includes the audience in his shows. Call us to book funny ventriloquist Steve Brogan and other top ventriloquists and comedians! The advice is always free from A to Z.

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