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EMI SUNSHINE Forty Acre Dream Concert

Emi Sunshine Forty Acre Dream EP Listening Party

Emi Sunshine Booking AgencyWe had a blast at Emi Sunshine’s party celebrating the release of her new EP, Forty Acre Dream. The concert was held in Scruffy City Hall at the Market Square Mall in Knoxville. The band played the songs from their new EP and many of their previous hits as well. We enjoyed hearing the band (with two new members), talked with their tour manager, and we spoke with Emi Sunshine’s mother, Alisha Hamilton, who writes Emi Sunshine and the Rain’s songs with her 11-year old daughter, Emi Sunshine!

Emi Sunshine and the Rain have been a successful band for five years now. Emi plays the ukulele and sings, her father Randall, plays bass and sings backup, her brother John, plays mandolin, and her uncle Bobby plays drums. Guitar players Robbie Helton and Jeremy Pinell are the two newest members of the band. The band continues to write excellent songs and give awesome concerts!

The band’s new EP, Forty Acre Dream, has eight wonderful songs: A Year Times Ten, I Ain’t Famous, West Book Hire Emi Sunshine BandTexas Highway, I Am Able, Porter Wagoner Blue, Mama’s Girl, Blackberry Winter, and Carry Me Home. All the songs were written by Emi Sunshine (Hamilton) and her mother Alisha Hamilton, and father Randall Hamilton is also credited with helping write I Ain’t Famous and Blackberry Winter. Chelle Rose helped write Porter Wagoner Blue and Mama’s Girl.

Emi Sunshine’s friendly tour manager, Jason Knight, told us that the group performs a couple of concerts almost every weekend resulting in about six to eight performances per month. Jason said the band is looking forward to an upcoming, three-week, west coast tour which will include performances at the Stage Coach Festival and Buck Owens Crystal Palace.

In the east Tennessee area, you can hear Emi Sunshine and the Rain on WDVX 89.9 FM radio.

We also enjoyed talking with Emi’s mother, Alisha Hamilton. Alisha told us that she plays guitar and when she Emi Sunshine Book Hire Agentgets an idea for a song, she plays and sings it for Emi. She said Emi jumps in and adds to the melodies and arrangement of the songs. Alisha said it’s sometimes 60/40 and sometimes 50/50, but that Emi does indeed, help her write all these wonderful songs! Alisha said that she has had song-writing talent since she was a girl and we think it’s obvious Emi has been blessed as well. So Emi Sunshine and her family are all talented and accomplished singers, song-writers and performers!

All of us at A to Z say thanks to Emi, Alisha, and Jason Knight for talking with us and for inviting us to the celebration concert. As always, we had a good time and the music was wonderful!

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2 thoughts on “EMI SUNSHINE Forty Acre Dream Concert”
  1. Loretta and Buck says:

    The Emi Sunshine band is awesome. We saw them in Greeneville before and really enjoyed their style of music and Emi’s singing. good to see that they are still going strong. Good article. We liked the music videos too. So thanks!

    1. A to Z Entertainment, Inc. says:

      Hi Loretta and Buck,

      Thanks for the comments about Emi Sunshine. If anyone wants to hire Emi sunshine and the Rain for an event, just let us know. Thanks for visiting A to Z Entertainment, Inc.; you’re always welcome.

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