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MAYBERRY TRIBUTE SHOW Another successful booking!

Agent and agency for booking and hiring the Mayberry Tribute Show and Sammy Sawyer









We had another successful event booking Barney Fife impersonator Sammy Sawyer and The Mayberry Tribute Show for a large health services corporate client.  The audience laughed and laughed and had a great time enjoying the comedy and musical show of these excellent impersonators and look-alikes.

Memories of Andy and Opie walking down to the lake with their fishing rods came flooding back when the audience heard the well-known, whistling theme song to The Andy Griffith Show.

Sammy Sawyer stars as Deputy Barney Fife and many characters from Mayberry perform comedy skits from the show, and sing to the music of The Darlings. Otis the drunk, Rafe Hollister the boot-legger, Ernest T. Bass, and Floyd the barber all perform. Comedian Phil Campbell, (son of the legendary Archie Campbell from Hee-Haw) tells jokes and emcess the show by introducing the characters and setting up their skits. Agent and agency for booking and hiring Barney Fife impersoantor and look-alike Sammy Sawyer

The show was performed at the Tennessee Theater and the corporate client was thrilled with the excellent skits from the popular TV series and the outstanding bluegrass music of  The Darlings. Sammy Sawyer also does an excellent impression of Deputy Barney Fife.

If your company or organization is looking for a clean comedy and music show that is truly entertaining for all ages,  call us today at 888-655-4575 to book Sammy Sawyer and The Mayberry Tribute Show!

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  1. Raoul says:

    Love the Andy Griffith TV show, so I’m sure this would be a hoot too. Checked out Sammy Sawyer and he seems to be a good Barney impersonator. Saw where Rik Roberts is also a Barney Fife impressionist and look-alike. They both look like funny impressionists.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Raoul,

      Thanks for checking out our blog and sharing your opinion! You’re right Sammy Sawyer and Rik Roberts are both excellent Barney Fife impersonators. A to Z Entertainment Inc. is your best agency for booking and hiring any comic impressionists, celebrity impersonators, and look-alikes. Please see more at

      Thanks again.

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