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Booking public keynote motivational speaker Casey WohlCASEY WOHL – Motivational Guest Speaker

Book or hire Casey Wohl to inspire and educate your audience. Some of  Casey’s speaking topics are –  Career Reinvention: Find Your Inner Getaway Girl, Coaching: Ready, Aim, Fire!, and Empowerment and Adventure: The Road Less Traveled.

See more about motivational guest speaker Casey Wohl and watch her video.

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LAURA BARRON – Inspirational Business and Training Speaker Booking inspirational and motivational speaker Laura Barron

Train and motivate your team by booking professional speaker and trainer, Laura Barron. Laura Barron is President of the Barron Group, a Tennessee based consulting firm specializing in helping companies implement change, develop their leaders and managers, and increase customer loyalty.  Her 25 years of business experience in management, customer service, training and development and project management enable her to apply first-hand knowledge and skills in meeting her clients needs.

See more about professional speaker and consultant Laura Barron.

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Booking clean corporate comedian Karen MillsKAREN MILLS – Funny Standup Comedian 

Karen Mills is a standup comedian, comedy writer and motivational speaker. Karen Mills is a breath of fresh air. Her humor is smart, funny, and original. No one can help you “get your laugh on” better than she can. She’s been compared to such greats as Bill Cosby, Ellen Degeneres, and Jerry Seinfeld. Her comedy is clean and clever – she finds the funny in everyday life.

See more about clean comedian Karen Mills and watch her comedy video.

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Booking corporate standup comedian Jim Gossett

JIM GOSSETTComedian and Comic Impressionist – Imagine the President, Vice President, David Letterman, Tom Brokaw, Johnny Carson, George Bush, Ted Koppell, Andy Rooney, Jesse Jackson, Jay Leno, Keith Jackson and a host of others – all performing for you!  They’re just a sampling of some of Jim’s award-winning impressions that have thrilled corporate audiences across the country.

He’s also a featured announcer on the Cartoon Network, on Country Music Television, and Jim Gossett also provides humorous commentary on several national radio talk shows.

See more about clean corporate comedian and comic impressionist, Jim Gossett. 

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Booking celebrity impersonator Pete Peterkin PETE PETERKIN- Comic Singing Impressionist and Celebrity Musician Impersonator

In 2003 Pete Peterkin introduced his critically acclaimed one-man show to corporate America. Five standing ovations later, he was being called “The World’s Most Versatile Entertainer”… a title he has lived up to time and time again.

A singer, actor, dancer, comic impressionist, celebrity impersonator and multi-instrumentalist — as well as a writer of literature and song, Pete Peterkin’s services are in constant demand year round.

Enjoy Pete Peterkin’s Comic Music Video.

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Booking singing impressionist and celebrity impersonator Rich Natole

RICH NATOLE – Singing Impressionist and Comic Emcee 

Rich Natole’s confident and likeable approach will quickly win over any audience. His repertoire of hundreds of celebrity vocal and singing impressions will impress young and old alike. Avid television and movie buffs will appreciate Rich’s pinpoint accuracy of their favorite stars of yesterday and today. From Chris Rock to Larry the Cable Guy to Jeff Foxworthy and Eddie Murphy, Rich Natole is a comic impressionist of a multitude of contemporary voices.

Enjoy Rich Natole’s musical video and find out more about him.

We can help you book or hire any standup comedian, public guest speaker, or professional entertainer. Call 888-655-4575 today and we’ll be glad to assist you. We give you free advice about comedians, speakers, and entertainers and about planning and producing your event. Call today!



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6 thoughts on “Comedians and Speakers and Entertainers from A to Z!”
  1. Entertainment Buyer Guy says:

    Very interesting comedians, speakers, and entertainers. Nice post. We’ll be in touch soon!
    P. S. — I liked the comedy videos and other videos as well. Very talented folks.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comments Guy.
      Who’s your favorite comedian, speaker and entertainer?
      Feel free to call us anytime and share your thoughts with “The Whole World-Wide Web” on our blog as well.
      You’re welcome to visit often because we’re always adding new comedians, speakers, and entertainers!
      We appreciate your business.

  2. Tango2nite says:

    Hey, I heard Karen Mills the comedian is in Knoxville, TN this weekend at a Comedy Club.
    Do you know here? Thanks.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Tango,

      Actually, Karen Mills will be in Knoxville at The Side Splitters Comedy Club on Wednesday and Thursday, December 21st and 22nd. If you know anyone that wants Karen to entertain their Christmas party that week, give us a call 888-655-4575.

      Give us a call anytime and tell us about your company or organization’s event!

  3. frootytooty45 says:

    So can you get any entertainer or speaker we want? We’re thinking of having a client appreciation event. What’s the price range? Or does it vary, I guess? (I thought it was funny how you used “from A to Z”.) LOL Write back and tell me the price of Laura Barron and Casey Wohl please.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Frooty,

      Yes, because of our extensive experience and business networks, we are able to help you book ANY entertainer or speaker you want. The price range varies depending on the artist. We’ll call you at the phone number you left for us.
      Thanks you for visiting our site and for asking a question on our blog. All of us at A to Z appreciate your interest!

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