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Corporate Comedian MILT ABEL is Cruising for Comedy!

Clean Comedian Milt Abel Entertains Corporate and Cruise Ship Audiences

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We talked with corporate comic Milt Abel recently, so we wanted to share his thoughts with you… here’s Milt:

‘I perform frequently as an entertainer on cruise ships, and it’s great to see the world while never being far from an impressively spread buffet. I’ve been everywhere from the pyramids in Giza to Bayonne, NJ and I have cruise ship work to thank for those travels.

I also have cruise ship work to thank for the great training they offer in performing as an entertainer for corporate engagements. The audiences aboard a cruise ship are as varied in age and background as you can get, so you are compelled to learn how to be successful to the widest variety of people possible. If you can get a great ovation on a ship, an awards dinner performance for company ‘X’ is a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, I’ll probably have a slice or two during my third Holland-American booking this year as I sail for over two weeks on the Westerdam and Zaandam from Vancouver, Canada to Hawaii and then back to San Diego. I’ll be out on the high seas and honing my craft. Out in the middle of the Pacific like that, there’s likely to be some motion. I like when the ship is bouncing up and down a bit; that’s when I go up to the gym and weigh myself, ‘Oh, good I’m 16 pounds… wait a minute, 400… darn it. No more cake.’   Cheers, Milt

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Click to see more about Milt Abel and to watch his comedy video excerpt. You can also read our previous posts featuring Milt.

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4 thoughts on “Corporate Comedian MILT ABEL is Cruising for Comedy!”
  1. David R. says:

    You asked for comments so I thought I’d let you know Milt’s short “story” was witty and funny! Thanks for posting it. Do you all know what other stuff he writes?


    1. admin says:

      Hello David,
      We thank you for your opinion! Milt also writes a monthly newsletter he calls, “The Milt Abel News”. We’re sure you would enjoy it because it’s funny and clever also. To read his funny News, check out Milt’s website and follow him on Facebook.
      We’re also on Facebook so check us out there too. We appreciate you visiting our site and hope you share some more comments, David. We’re always adding artists to our roster and we’re always keeping you informed about comedians, speakers, and entertainers!

  2. Albert says:

    I saw him perform before. He is very funny!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Albert,
      Thanks for sharing. You’re right, Milt is an excellent comedian!

      Tell your family, friends, and co-workers to visit our site. It’s fun to read about comedians on our blog and to watch their videos. So please book mark our site and come again soon!

      You’re always welcome to call us at 1-888-655-4575 and to tell us about your company or organization’s event, ask a question, or to share you opinion.

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