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HARRY FREEDMAN Funny Comedian and Speaker

HARRY FREEDMAN ‘The Nation’s Misleading Expert’

Harry Freedman comedian booking agencyCorporate comedian Harry Freedman shared an ‘interview’ of himself with us and we’re sharing it with you here. Harry is a comedian and funny speaker who specializes in corporate comedy ‘put-ons’. Enjoy Harry’s interview, check out his page, and then call us at 888-655-4575 today to book Harry Freedman for your events!

An interview with Harry Freedman, “The Nation’s Misleading Expert”  by Harry Freedman.


So, let’s Get Down To Business. What do you mean by the phrase “The Nation’s Misleading Expert?”


I do corporate comedy put-ons. I get introduced at events as an actual industry expert and fool everyone into believing I’m real, even as I get them laughing.

Harry: Why do people hire you? What’s the benefit to them?

Harry: At most conferences, audiences begin to glaze over from all the serious content. When I’m introduced, they think they’re getting more of the same. But when I’m finished, clients tell me, they’re refreshed, re-energized, and that it’s one of the best team-building activities they’ve ever had.

Harry: Can you name of the companies you’ve entertained?

Harry: Coca Cola, Dell, Met Life, AT&T, IBM, P&G, Merck, American Express, and hundreds more. I’ve portrayed anything from a national health care advisor to a cyber-security expert.

Harry: What makes you such a hot shot at these put-ons?

Harry: I wouldn’t use the words hot shot, but I do a ton of research about every group so and customize like crazy.

Harry: Give me an example.

Harry: I did a speech for CertainTeed, which originally began as a French company making guillotines during the Revolution, so I said I how much I admired them because, “One way or another, your company has been beheading people for over 200 years.”

Harry: That’s funny.

Harry: Thanks. You helped me write it.

Harry: Tell me some of your career highlights?

Harry: I would say the biggest was getting the cover of the business section of The New York Times, on a 4th of July Sunday edition, as well as a full page profile, an honor usually reserved for billionaire business leaders. I also open for Ray Romano.

Harry: Oh, so it’s who you know then, huh?

Harry: Doesn’t hurt. But you still have to deliver the goods. In the course of my career, I’ve literally performed above the NY Stock Exchange and below Carnegie Hall, so I’ve been on top of the financial world and the bottom of the show business world.

Harry: One last thing. You have any testimonials from any of these so-called clients you like to brag about?

Harry: Yeah, here’s two. There’s a lot more where these came from.

Harry: Pretty full of yourself, huh? Oh, actually, these aren’t bad.

Harry, we really appreciated the time you took in customizing your material.  Your delivery was tasteful, thoughtful and really funny. You were also an absolute pleasure to work with. Denis Hickey – GE Corporate HR Director.

Mr. Freedman was, to put it simply, hilarious. I consider that if people start crying with laughter, the comedian is at the highest skill level. Not only is Mr. Freedman a master at his craft, but we loved working with him. I give Mr. Freedman my highest recommendation. David W. Grounds, Day Chair, Arizona YPO Chapter

Harry Freedman is a corporate put-on comedian, emcee, and creates hilarious onsite video interview shorts. He also makes “The Ultimate Tribute Video” (This is your life as produced by a professional comedian) for Honorariums and other special occasions.

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