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Tonight Show Hosts – Booking Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon

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Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show for twenty-two years, graciously congratulated his future replacement, Jimmy Fallon, on the show the other day. Jimmy Fallon will take over as The Tonight Show host in Spring of 2014 and has been the host of “Late Night” for four years.

The Tonight Show began in 1954 and has always been a mainstay of television and the network. Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien have been hosts of the Tonight Show and Carson was the host for thirty years. The executive producer of the Tonight Show has said that Jimmy Fallon is “the closest thing” this generation has to Carson, so we wish the 38 year old Fallon well and we shall all soon see if Jimmy can round up the ratings. Jimmy Fallon won a 2013 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album, entitled “Blow Your Pants Off”. Jimmy won over other Grammy Nominees, Ellen Degeneres, Kathy Griffin and Jim Gaffigan. (You can read that blog by typing Jimmy Fallon into the search box and paging down.)

At 62, Jay Leno has done an excellent job as host for 22 years and at the end of this March, the Tonight Show hit a seven-week high with 3.52 million viewers watching. We’ve had the pleasure of booking Jay Leno about seven or eight times and it’s always a delight to work with him. For a Hollywood star, Jay Leno is humble and very friendly and personable. For instance, at an event, we had to cut throughBook or hire Jay Leno for your event the kitchen to get to the backstage of a hotel ballroom. Jay shook hands, signed autographs, and posed for photos with any of the kitchen and wait staff who spoke with him.

Our lead booking agent, Mari Sanders, got to introduce her mother to Jay Leno at a corporate event. When her mother asked for an autograph, Jay asked, “So do you watch my show?” Her nervous mom said, “No, but don’t you worry, I don’t watch that other guy’s either.” Jay just laughed, escorted her to the meet and greet with the corporate officers, and affectionately called her “Mom” the rest of the evening.

At a charity fundraiser one time, the clients were auctioning off Jay’s autograph for $1,000.00 each. The people in charge tried to bring the event to a close, saying ‘Sorry that’s all he can do’. Jay replied, “That’s okay, I don’t have to leave, and if these folks are willing to contribute to this great charity, I’ll be happy to sign my name all night.”  So, we’ve always seen that Jay Leno is an unpretentious, charming, and generous celebrity.

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The Tonight Show Hosts Leno and Fallon

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2 thoughts on “JAY LENO and JIMMY FALLON”
  1. Catherine says:

    Jay Leno is the man and has been for years. Thanks for telling me that he’s really a nice guy. He seems like he would be, so it’s good to hear from someone who knows. Jimmy Fallon is a good comedian too. Jay and Jimmy’s duet sung to West Side Story or whatever was hysterical. Hope Jimmy does as well as Jay has. But we’ve still got a while to enjoy Jay Leno! Great blog, thanks.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for reading our blog and making a comment. Jay Leno is a class act. We’ve heard people tell him his chin isn’t that big and call him Jim, John, and everything but Jay. He never gets upset and in fact, usually just laughs. He is always very nice to everyone. You can jump to jay Leno’s biography page by clicking his name: Jay Leno.

      Same for Jimmy Fallon. Here’s a blog we did about the Grammy Award nominated comedians which included Jimmy Fallon. Thanks for the comment Catherine. Glad you enjoyed the blog and hope you share it with your friends.

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