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New Year, New Comedians, Speakers and Entertainers!

New Year, New Website to Book Comedians, Speakers, and Entertainers

Your best speakers bureau and entertainment booking agency!It’s a new year and we have a new, mobile-friendly website at A to Z Entertainment, Inc. We’re always adding new speakers to help you with your goals and new comedians and entertainers for your shows. Planning an event for 2016? We can help you book any funny comedians, keynote speakers, and professional entertainers in addition to those you see on our website. So if you don’t see the speaker or entertainer you want, just give us a call today at 888-655-4575 because we can book them. We’ll be glad to help you have a prosperous, fun, and happy new year!

We book funny stand up comedians…

Kathleen Madigan Funny Comedian

We just booked funny comedian Kathleen Madigan for an event In January and she was excellent! A veteran comedian, Kathleen Madigan will have your audience laughing and having fun. We book any clean comedians you want for your shows and we also book Christian Comedians and Humorous Speakers to emcee your events. Thanks again Kathleen, it was wonderful to work with you!



We help you book keynote speakers…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Keynote Speaker



We can help you book keynote speakers and trainers for your events. We book motivational speakers, business speakers, military and defense speakers, celebrity speakers, and any type of professional speakers you want. Here’s Arnold Schwarzenegger – actor, former governor of California, health and fitness expert, and keynote speaker.




We are your best agency for booking live entertainers…



We also help you book any type or style of live bands, singers, and musicians. Here’s more about booking the rock group BOSTON, for example. We can help you book any type of live entertainment including: musical comedy, magicians, jugglers, ventriloquists, impersonators and impressionists, celebrity look-a likes, and even speed-painters.




Let us know how we can help you with your events and shows. Remember we can help you book or hire any funny stand-up comedians, professional guest speakers, and live entertainers of any type or genre. Give us a call today at 888-655-4575 or send a message and tell us about your event because we always give you free advice. Please let us know what you think about our new mobile-friendly website. All of us at A to Z Entertainment wish you a wonderful and successful 2016!

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4 thoughts on “New Year, New Comedians, Speakers and Entertainers!”
  1. Jenn says:

    Hey, checked out your site and really liked it! Happy New Year to you A to Z Entertainment. Jenn

    1. ComediansAndSpeakers says:

      Thanks for visiting our site Jenn. Glad you liked it and hope you’ll share your views again soon.

  2. Ted T. says:

    Hello, Checked out your site and liked it. Good bios, good videos, very classy site. We’re thinking of booking a speaker for our next meeting so you can call me on the number I left or I’ll call you this afternoon. Thanks, Ted T.

    1. ComediansAndSpeakers says:

      Thanks for your input. Looking forward to helping you with your event Ted!

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