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BEBO NORMAN Top Contemporary Christian Music Performer

BEBO NORMAN Christian Musician Puts on Powerful Performance

Agency and agent for booking and hiring contemporary Christian singers BEBO NORMANWe had yet another successful booking with Bebo Norman in Delaware. This was a community fellowship event to raise awareness for a church outreach program to the community and youth of the area. Bebo Norman  is a great artist in todays Christian music and we are your best entertainment talent agency for booking and hiring Bebo Norman for your event or show. Call us today at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be glad to help you!

The event was sold out to over 700 folks in September. It was a duo acoustic performance with Bebo on guitar and Gabe Scott, his band member, was on drums and keyboards. We also booked Bebo back in May 2012 with the Christian Music group, Point of Grace.

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Now in his 17th year as a musician, singer and songwriter Bebo Norman will release his eighth studio CD, Lights of Distant Cities on October 22.

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2 thoughts on “BEBO NORMAN Top Contemporary Christian Music Performer”
  1. Jimmy T. says:

    Bebo Norman is a great Christian singer and I can hardly wait to hear his new album. Also saw that you have Point of Grace and other gospel and Christian groups. I enjoyed thier videos!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Jimmy,

      We’ve booked Christian singer Bebo Norman several times now and all our clients have been very happy with his performance. Point of Grace is a great Christian music group too. We can book any Christian and gospel music groups. Thanks for your comment Jimmy!

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