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Comedian Karen Mills Jokes About “Time Management”

Book or hire standup comedian, comedy writer, humorist, and emcee Karen MillsWe talked to Karen Mills this past week and she gave us the following update.  But before you read Karen’s brief story, we want to remind you that not only is Karen a comedian but she told us that she likes to write funny material for others.  So you may want Karen to help put a humorous twist on your next marketing campaign.  Karen is also a good choice as a humorist or emcee for your next special event.  Book or hire comedian Karen Mills with us today.  Click here to see more about the versatile Karen Mills and to watch her video.

Comedian Karen Mills Jokes About “Time Management”

If I pull into a gas station and I can’t pay at the pump, I will pull back out and find one where I can.  One day I will be telling my grandchildren, “when I was your age, I had to walk into the convenience store and hand the clerk the money, so don’t talk to me about hard times!”

I won’t walk into the store but I will hire a personal trainer to get me into shape.  That’s because it’s not about exercise, it’s about time.  I have to hurry and get gas so I won’t be late for my Pilates class.  When my workout is over, I have a massage, a chemical peel and an appointment to get my hair highlighted all before taking a meditation class to learn to slow down.

After meditating and attending a class on “Zen driving,” I race off to my therapist where I spend an hour delving into my psyche looking for answers to my emotional eating.  Then I grab a cookie and dash out the door to have dinner with my book club.  Whew!  If I had to take time to walk into the store, I’d never get it all done.   — Karen Mills

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4 thoughts on “Comedian Karen Mills Jokes About “Time Management””
  1. Frank T. says:

    That was a funny article Karen wrote. Thanks!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for your comment! Please check her video out on our website! Know someone who’s having a special event coming up, private party or annual meeting? Karen would be perfect for it.

  2. Betsy R. says:

    Karen Mills is a funny comedian. Do you know if she writes her own material? She seems very charismatic and charming. Thank you.


  3. Renee M. says:

    Love, Love, Love Karen Mills. Wonderful show!

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