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Divas partner with Sunshine Cathedral in a Kick-Off for XanGo Meal Pack Fundraiser

DATE: Sunday, March 6 at 6 PM

VENUE: Sunshine Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church

1480 SW 9 Ave, Fort Lauderdale FL 33315

Box Office: 954-462-2004 x206 |

Those Divas are at it again!  To “sing for your supper” never meant so much.  Join them for a wild night of both opera and hilarity (not necessarily in that order) as they raise money for XanGo’s Meal Pack project.  These ridiculous Divas with their gorgeous voices are sure to provide a sidesplitting night filled with theatrical shenanigans and glorious music.  The two outrageous Divas (Birgit Fioravante as the Baroness Vladka von Loudenstimme and Wendy Reynolds as Gwendoline Josephine Bellevoix Bouvier), along with the help of pianist Heather Coltman as Paige Turner, have been lighting up the stage for years, and now, with your help, will lighten up the lives of hungry children.

Not only will the night be filled with laughter and amusement, but a sense of generosity and goodwill.  The Divas are throwing their considerable weight behind the Meal Pack Program and are thrilled to have Sunshine Cathedral as their first partner to raise both funds and awareness for this great cause.  The Meal Pack, developed and manufactured by health and wellness company XanGo, is a fortified dried powder formula with canola oil included and is designed to feed the starving and severely malnourished of the world.  It is formulated specifically for those who cannot properly digest solid food due to long periods of famine.  XanGo’s innovative Meal Pack Program partners with disaster relief distribution organization AmeriCares, and has already delivered well over 3 million meals to the neediest around the globe.

Sunshine Cathedral is turning the Meal Pack opportunity into their Lenten Awareness Program.  50% of ticket sales and 100% of other donations will go directly towards Meal Packs.  The Divas will kick off this drive before Lent and end with a Divas and Friends Concert after Easter.  Concertgoers can contribute with their own immediate donations or make ongoing pledges to buy Meal Packs of 17 meals, 35 meals, or more.  A special raffle will also be held for the highest pledges met at the end of the drive to win a “Divas at Your Party” event.

Al Krulick from the Orlando Weekly raves about the Divas: “Duelling Divas is enormously agreeable.  The evening’s conceit is pointlessly silly – two divas battle one another for stage time and the audience’s approbation – but it is carried out with complete and utter fidelity by the show’s two superb performers whose tongues are firmly planted in cheek and whose glottises are always in gear.”  (excerpted from the Orlando Weekly May 17th, 2009)


4 thoughts on “DUELLING DIVAS SHOW MARCH 6, 2011”
  1. RAO says:

    A great act for a great cause!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you, hope you can see the show. For more information about the Duelling Divas, read their bio and watch their video on this website!”

      1. RAO says:

        Good, thank you. I’ll check it out!

  2. Nora W. says:

    What’s the latest news about the Duelling Divas?

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