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Entertainment for Performing Arts Centers from A to Z !

Performing Arts Center Entertainment from A to Z.

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Book or hire comic jugglers The Raspyni BrothersThe Raspyni Brothers – Comic Juggling Show

  • The Raspyni Brothers are comedians and four-time World Juggling Champions with over 200 national television appearances and 1,000 successful corporate shows.
  • Using audience participation, hilarious improvisation, and great comic dialogue, the Raspyini Brothers entertain with a dynamic mix of skill and style.  Performing together since 1982, these two ‘catchers in the wry’ never fail to win over even the most demanding, hard-to-please crowds.
  • Their ability to quickly connect with and win over any group has earned them standing ovations from audiences including The Academy Awards and The President of the United States.
  • The Raspyni Brothers are always a hit with their charismatic comic dialog and amazing physical skills!

Click this link to view The Raspyni Brothers.


The Duelling Divas – Opera with a Twist!Book or Hire The Duelling Divas - Opera with a Twist!

  • Two professional opera singers always bring their audience a good fat laugh!
  • The Duelling Divas combine operatic classics, show tunes, and virtuosic piano solos with the slappiest schtick on stage today.  Your audience will laugh out loud at the larger-than-life antics of these divas.
  • Classically trained Carnegie Hall performers, Brigit Fioravante as the Baroness, Wendy Reynolds as Gwendoline and Dr. Heather Coltman as their long suffering pianist, Paige Tuner, perform with style – – while joking with wit.
  • It’s a story about an older opera singer and a younger opera singer and their rivalry that builds through out the show that is filled with various forms of humor.
  • Anyone who likes to laugh and loves music will thoroughly enjoy it!

See and hear The Duelling Divas.


Book or hire Alabama Tribute (Tennessee River)Tennessee River – Alabama Tribute Band

  • Tennessee River was formed in January of 2002 with the idea paying tribute to one of the most influential and vocally dynamic country bands of our time – Alabama. There is no doubt that Alabama has become an icon in music history. This is why Tennessee River was born—to spotlight an incredible band that really to this day has never been recognized by any tribute project to the degree they should be.
  • Already established as a strong cross-over seven-part harmony project, the members of Tennessee River wanted to showcase their vocals by tapping into a band they felt changed the industry and sparked a whole new era of mainstream country music that appealed to all ages and all walks of life—from traditional country diehards to hardcore pop and rock fanatics alike.
  • Prior to forming Tennessee River, the guys had performed in various country and rock projects, and have been frequently compared to such legendary bands as the Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Diamond Rio, and of course Alabama, with their new hybrid of original cross-over music.
  • Now, playing those hit songs that revolve around love, relationships, and the everyday rituals of life, Tennessee River’s tribute to Alabama offers a walk down memory lane with more than a decade of hits that span the career of Alabama and is sure to give audiences a reason to sing along and dance…again.

Enjoy a video by Tennessee River — The Alabama Tribute Band

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6 thoughts on “Entertainment for Performing Arts Centers from A to Z !”
  1. giggles29 says:

    Hi, are the Raspyni Brothers really brothers? Or is that just the name of their act?

    1. admin says:

      Hi Giggles29,

      No the Raspyni Brothers are not biological brothers, but they are brothers in the sense of having developed a truly professional and funny act that anyone will enjoy. You’re sure to laugh or giggle, Giggles29.

      Please see our biographies and videos of Comedians, Speakers, and Entertainers. Bookmark this site. Call us today at 1-888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to help you! Please feel free to contact us 7 days a week.

      Thanks for your question, feel free to write us anytime!

  2. badboy21 says:

    Saw the Duelling Divas once upon a time, in Florida. They were great!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Badboy 21,

      You are right Badboy, The Duelling Divas put on a show that’s truly enjoyable for anyone that likes comedy and music.

      Feel free to tell us what you think and ask questions anytime. It’s fun. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and boss to visit our site. It’s fun to read about comedians and entertainers on our blog and to watch their videos. So please book mark our site and come again soon! You’re always welcome to call us at 1-888-655-4575 and to tell us about your event.

  3. volfan45 says:

    Tennessee River sounds good. Are they available? Guess I’ll just call you all.

    1. admin says:

      Dear Volfan45,

      You’re right Tennessee River is a great Alabama Tribute Band. I hope you read our blog about them, type in Tennessee River in the search box and the program will show you their page and blog post.

      Yes, please feel free to call us at 888-655-4575. One of our agents will be glad to help you in booking Tennessee River.

      Thanks again Volfan45.

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