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Coach Derek Dooley Helps a Fundraiser Score a Touchdown!

We helped plan and produce another highly successful fundraiser for an East Tennessee Rotary Club on June 17th. The Rotary Club booked the talented and charismatic speaker, Coach Derek Dooley to help them achieve their goals. The event was a huge success for them because they raised over $60,000.00 for tornado victims in their community. According to the Rotary Club, the fundraiser was actually much more successful than they originally anticipated. The event was SOLD OUT.

The event was much more successful because Coach Derek Dooley, the University of Tennessee’s head football coach, is an eloquent and entertaining speaker. As Coach Dooley was autographing footballs, a crowd of reporters were firing questions at him and a swarm of photographers were clicking away with their flashing cameras. Cool and professional, Coach Dooley didn’t miss a beat as he calmly kept signing while answering all the reporters’ questions.

The exciting and entertaining fundraiser was a semi-formal dinner with Derek Dooley featured as the headliner speaker. Coach Dooley was witty, charming, and very interesting as he spoke about coaching the Tennessee Volunteers and his plans for the Vols football team this season.

Afterwards, the Rotary Club had very nice items to bid on for their live auction. Coach Dooley offered some incentives for a couple of the auction items, such as inviting the highest bidder to be with the Vols on the side lines during one of the Tennessee games. With that announcement, the bidding really took off!

It’s always great to hire a compassionate celebrity speaker that believes in, and wants to help your fundraiser’s cause. The Rotary Club is already working with us in planning next year’s event and foresees yet another successful fundraiser.

Hiring a professional and polished speaker like Coach Dooley can help you raise more money for your cause, boost attendance, and contribute to the success of your event. Put the power of a professional inspirational speaker to work for you! To book or hire Coach Derek Dooley or any public guest speaker, call us today at 1-888-655-4575.

Here’s Paris, one of our best University of Tennessee interns, with Coach Derek Dooley. Go Vols! Click to see more about inspirational speaker Coach Derek Dooley.

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6 thoughts on “Coach Derek Dooley Helps a Fundraiser Score a Touchdown!”
  1. Vol Fan 44 says:

    We’re thinking about booking Derek Dooley. How far out do we need to let you know? Who did he sign the footballs for? Was that part of the fundraiser?

    Thanks and Go Vols!

    1. admin says:

      We recommend for you to book your speaker or entertainer for your fundraiser at least 6 months out, if not longer. This gives you time to line up your sponsors, volunteers and advertisers. Give us a call on how to plan a successful fundraiser.

      Boost attendance at your event, raise more money for your cause, and have a more memorable event for your audience – book a professional speaker or entertainer with us today!

  2. Sally Simpkins says:

    Hi. Interesting story. Wasn’t Derek Dooley’s father a football coach too?
    Who else would you recommend for a fundraiser?

    Sally S.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Sally, Yes Derek Dooley’s father is Vince Dooley and you can read more about Vince and his mother Barbara on our site as well. Call today for free information at 888-655-4575 and talk to a member of our staff for more ideas for your fundraiser. Thank you for visiting our site and check back often, we are always adding additional speakers, comedians and entertainers.

  3. Bob Frapples says:

    Oh, I hate that I missed this… I’ve seen the coach speak before and he is DYNAMITE! Any chance you might get Coach Mike Anderson to speak. I’ll be first in line for tickets!
    P.S. Love your website.

  4. Saundra Smith says:

    AWESOME speaker! I sent you folks an email. Our company has an upcoming event and we need a motivational speaker.

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