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ROCKY BLEIER Speaker Booking

ROCKY BLEIER Wins Award and Gives Another Great Presentation

Rocky Bleier Speaker Booking AgencyCall A to Z Entertainment, Inc. today for free information about booking or hiring keynote speaker Rocky Bleier. With over twenty years of successful booking experience, we’re your agency and agent to book or hire Rocky Bleier for your event! We can also help you plan and produce your events and shows if you like. Call us now at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Rocky Bleier is a former NFL running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Drafted for the Vietnam War after his rookie season in 1968, Rocky was wounded in battle. Bleier was shot in his left thigh, and while down, he was hit by a grenade that embedded shrapnel into his right leg and foot. Rocky was told he would never play football again; in fact, he would be lucky if he could ever walk.

However, Rocky Bleier, being a natural fighter, was determined to walk, and he was even more determined that he would play football again. By using the strength of his mind and willpower, he worked hard to rehabilitate his legs, and he learned to walk again. He returned to the Steelers in 1969.

That first year back, Bleier came in at only 180 pounds, but worse, he could hardly walk. For the next two years, he worked hard to regain a position on the team, but his recovery was slower than he wanted, and he eventually was cut from the team…twice. Again, Rocky set his mind to his goal. He spent several more years in rehab and training, and in 1974 he made the team again, weighing in at a solid 212 pounds. Football fans will recall that Rocky Bleier not only made the team, he was an integral part of four Super Bowl championships! He even made the winning catch in Super Bowl XIII.

Now, Rocky Bleier is a successful businessman, a philanthropist and an excellent keynote speaker!

Here’s a March 2015 story about Rocky Bleier winning another award. Eagle Rare Whiskey has named Rocky

Rocky Bleier Speakers Bureau

ROCKY BLEIER Four-Time Superbowl Champion!

Bleier as the winner of the 2015 Rare Life Heroism Award. The Rare Life Award is an annual recognition program created to honor individuals who exhibit courage, leadership, survival, devotion, character and heroism. Bleier was among the top 20 nominees, selected from 259 stories submitted through the Rare Life website. Rocky Bleier was one of six runners-up receiving $5,000 to their charities of choice; Eagle Rare will donate $5,000 to Bleier’s charity, Beating the Odds Foundation. The Foundation organizes large-scale assemblies in stadium settings featuring inspirational speakers including Bleier who encourage students to follow their dreams.

We’ve booked Rocky Bleier as a speaker for many events and all our clients have always been very impressed, so we know you will be also. Here’s a testimonial by a happy client from a March 2015 event: ‘Mari, first let me say what a pleasure it has been working with you. Thank you so much for making me look like a genius by selecting Rocky Bleier as our guest speaker. He captivated the audience and I can promise you, everyone now knows who Rocky Bleier is no matter what age they are. –BZ’

You and your audience are sure to enjoy Rocky Bleier’s presentation too, because Rocky is a true American hero both on and off the field and he’s always a winner when he speaks! Call us today at 888-655-4575 to check Rocky Bleier’s availability for booking and to make an offer.

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Having helped hundreds of clients, we’re your best agency and agent for booking decorated Vietnam veteran and Superbowl Champion Rocky Bleier. We can help you book or hire any guest speakers in addition to those you see here on our site. Call us now at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be glad to help you!

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2 thoughts on “ROCKY BLEIER Speaker Booking”
  1. SportsGuy says:

    Rocky Bleier is one of the classiest guys in football. Vietnam veteran with Purple Heart and Bronze Star and four Super Bowl Championships! You are one tough son of a gun and have my utmost respect sir!

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Thanks Sports Guy! Rocky Bleier is also an excellent keynote speaker who can customize his presentation to his audience. Rocky Bleier is a winner!

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