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ROCKY BLEIER Vietnam Veteran, Football Star and Keynote Speaker

ROCKY BLEIER Speaks at United Way Fundraising Event

Agent and agency Rocky Bleier SpeakerWe are happy to have booked Rocky Bleier again for a United Way Fundraising event in August. Rocky is always a great guest speaker who tailors his presentation to his audience. We’re your best speakers bureau agency and agent for booking or hiring Rocky Bleier to speak at any type of event. Rocky always receives a standing ovation at his informational, humorous, and motivational speaking engagements. Rocky will make a positive impact on your audience and make your event special too. Call us today at 888-655-4575 to book or hire Rocky Bleier to speak for you!

The former Pittsburgh Steelers running back spoke to an enthusiastic group of about 300. Rocky Bleier shared his personal story of perseverance and determination to overcome career-ending injuries in the Vietnam War to make the team and then proceed to help the Steelers win four Super Bowl games in the 1970s.

Rocky was very good at relating to the United Way audience that hard work, hope, and determination can help the organization achieve its worthwhile goals. The United Way provides funds to a variety of programs and organizations aimed at improving the education, health, and well-being of people in the community and eight different United Way groups were in attendance.

Rocky Bleier has been involved with the United Way for 33 years. Rocky graduated from Notre Dame University in 1968 with a degree in Business Management and was drafted #417 in the 16th round by the Steelers later that year. “At least I wasn’t the last one,” Bleier joked.

Sitting in the team’s locker room, just after joining the Steelers, Bleier said he received what he thought was his first piece of fan mail. Booking and hiring Rocky Bleier Vietnam Veteran Speaker“My first piece of fan mail… was from the U.S. Army,” he said. “Within 24 hours my world turned upside down.” Bleier briefly spoke about his time in Vietnam, how he was wounded twice after being ambushed, once being shot by a rifle and then from grenade shrapnel too. He was later awarded a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. Barely able to walk, his pro football career seemed to be over before it even really began.

In a Da Nang hospital, Rocky said he met a triple amputee whose positive attitude changed his pessimistic one. But later, a doctor in Tokyo told Rocky not to expect to return to the NFL. “That sucked the hope right out of me,” Bleier said. But two days later, he received a post card in the mail from Steelers owner Art Rooney, asking him to return to the team.

“I came back home and they put me on injured reserve. That bought me two years of opportunity and I came back in 1972 a little bit bigger and stronger,” Bleier said. Rocky Bleier drove himself, overcame obstacles, and eventually worked his way to running back for the team. Rocky now has four Super Bowl rings from his time with the Steelers, now known as the “greatest team of the 20th Century.” Rocky Bleier went on to play 12 years in the NFL and retired from the league in 1980.

Book or hire Rocky Bleier Football Star“Super Bowl 13 is the one I wear all the time. It’s the largest and gaudiest of the four rings,” Bleier said, noting that rings are a symbol and all symbols in our lives are important. “We need constant reminders of our accomplishments, our failures, and our barriers. It takes hard work and passion, leadership, people with vision, and a belief system shoved into a capsule today. We love to call it a team.”

Bleier’s speech sought to inspire those in attendance and praise them for their work in the United Way, but he also mixed in humorous comments about single-handedly winning four Super Bowls and how at the age of nine, he scored 51 touchdowns in a football game against his five-year old friend.

“Playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers was truly an opportunity,” Bleier said. “It reminds me of the simple fact that we as people live in a culture of opportunity and not necessarily a culture of entitlement. The only thing we’re entitled to is the opportunity we face ourselves on a daily basis.”

Bleier concluded his remarks by saying the reason he got the chance to play in the NFL was not because of his size or speed, but rather his talent for the game. “You have to realize what you bring to people’s lives, this organization and the community… is a talent,” he said. “One of the big factors of the world in which we live is hope. Hope becomes an essential part of our lives and what we do. All lives are built on hope.”

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We say thank you again to Rocky Bleier, the U.S. Veterans in attendance, and to the United Way. The United Way is a great organization doing great things for people and Rocky is an excellent speaker. So hire or book Rocky Bleier with us to speak at your event! Having helped hundreds of clients over the past twenty years, we’re your best speakers bureau and booking agency. Call us today at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to help you.

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2 thoughts on “ROCKY BLEIER Vietnam Veteran, Football Star and Keynote Speaker”
  1. Jane Ballenger says:

    Very impressive speaker. I give to the United Way and encourage other to do the same. Support our Veterans too! Wasn’t there a movie about Rocky Bleier? Sounds like he knows how to overcome adversity. You have a very good website A to Z.

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Hello Jane and thanks for your comments and your question about Rocky Bleier. Yes, Rocky’s book, Fighting Back is also a great movie with the same title. We agree with you Jane; support our veterans and the United Way. We also agree that Rocky Bleier definitely knows how to overcome adversity. Rocky is also a superb speaker!

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