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GAVIN DEGRAW Festival Concert 2013

Gavin DeGraw Entertains at Kingsport Fun Fest

Gavin DeGraw booking agent and agencyGavin DeGraw gave a stellar performance for thousands at the Kingsport, TN FunFest Festival in July. We’ve booked Gavin and his band several times now for different concerts and festivals and Gavin always gives a wonderful show! Gavin sang, joked with the audience, and was very pleasant at the meet and greet with his fans. Gavin is always a class act and the fans and sponsors were very pleased! Call A to Z Entertainment, Inc. today at 888-655-4575 to hire or book  pop and rock music singer Gavin DeGraw for YOUR event or show. With over twenty years of successful experience, we are your best agent and agency for booking and hiring popular music singer Gavin DeGraw! We also help you plan and produce your show, so call us today at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Gavin DeGraw sounds as good live as he does on his rock-pop and “modern blues’ music CDs. Listening to his top hits like “Chariot,” “I Don’t Want to Be,” “Soldier,” “Sweeter”, “Not Over You” and “In Love with a Girl,”  it’s easy to see why Gavin DeGraw earned platinum certification on his debut album Chariot.

Gavin’s hit singles have been featured in movies and on various television shows like Scrubs, One Tree Hill, and The Bachelor. Gavin was also on Dancing With the Stars with partner Karina Smirnoff and Gavin DeGraw has been nominated for Billboard Music and Radio Music Awards. Colbie Caillat, Butch Walker, Eric Rosse, and Ron Aniello have co-produced with Gavin on recent CDs.2013 FunFest Festival Kingsport TN

The Kingsport FunFest festival concert was part of Gavin’s 2013 tour, which has him playing all across North America. Train, Michael Franti, and The Script, join up with Gavin depending on the city in which he’s playing. Gavin DeGraw played for 90 minutes and was followed by legendary rock group Chicago at the annual Kingsport FunFest event .

Gavin knows how to rock and how to sing  a velvet melody on a beautiful summer afternoon. Everyone enjoyed Gavin’s newest up-tempo song released in June, “Best I Ever Had.” This song is from his upcoming fifth album and at the time this blog posted, was already at number 23 on the charts. Gavin joked with the audience and praised Chicago, Train, and The Script. He also gave brief lead-ins to his songs and playfully bantered with the audience. Gavin even went out into the excited audience to shake hands as part of his show.

Gavin DeGraw having fun and singing Best I Ever Had

Thanks again to Gavin, his band, and his crew. It’s always a pleasure to work with Gavin DeGraw and his people. Thanks to our clients, especially Cheryl and George, for letting us help you have a great FunFest and to all your team for their help. Most of all, thanks to all the music fans who came to the fun festival… glad you had a great time!

See more about Gavin DeGraw and enjoy his music video“I Don’t Want to Be”

What do you think about Gavin and FunFest 2013? Make a comment by clicking the word ‘comments’ above.

We can help you book and hire any live popular or rock music bands and pop and rock music singers for any concert, festival or event. We are your best agency and agent for booking and hiring Gavin DeGraw, so call 888-655-4575 today! See more photos of Gavin at the 2013 FunFest on our FlickR page here on the site.


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10 thoughts on “GAVIN DEGRAW Festival Concert 2013”
  1. JackyT says:

    Oh my gosh, Gavin was awesome! I wish I had been closer when he came out in the audience. Gavin knows how to sing and put on a show! Chicago was great too! Fireworks were spectacular. I’m so glad I went to FunFest…it’s always a blast!

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Hi JackyT,

      Glad you enjoyed the Gavin DeGraw and Chicago concert at FunFest 2013. Gavin was great wasn’t he? Chicago was too! It was a fun event and a super summer day for live music. Thanks for your comment JackyT. All of us at A to Z Entertainment are happy you had a good time!

  2. Barbra Breslauer says:

    Gavin DeGraw and his band may be one of the most under rated groups out there. They really know how to put on a show. He should have more of the pay more and get closer type concerts and/or offer more meet and greets.

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Hi Barbra,
      Thanks for visiting our site and we concur with your comment about Gavin DeGraw. Gavin’s coming out with his fifth album soon and he performed his new single, “Best I Ever Had” on the Jay Leno Show 8/9/10. If you missed Gavin DeGraw’s performance on Jay Leno, you can enjoy it at the following link.

      We booked Gavin DeGraw and his band for the Kingsport, TN Fun Fest Festival 2013 and they put on wonderful performance. We also booked Gavin for the Ramapo Pomona, NY show at Provident Bank Park. Gavin was awesome and Colbie Caillat and Andy Grammer also performed. Gavin is a super nice, down-to earth guy. He is always gracious to his fans and gladly signs autographs and poses with his fans for photographs. Click here and you can read more about Gavin Degraw and enjoy his hit song “I Don’t Want to Be”.

      Thanks again Barbra. You’re welcome anytime and please tell your friends and family about our site!

  3. Diane H says:

    Gavin is such a class act. I am a long time fan of his and he was such a humble, kind, down-to earth guy. I had the opportunity to meet him a couple of weeks ago and he truly went above and beyond. I expected only getting to say hello for 30 seconds, being rushed through a long line and gone in less than a minute and I was blown away that it wasn’t like that at all. Such an under-rated talent who stays true to his roots. The key with Gavin I believe is that he never forgot his hard work and the struggles it took him to get him to where he is today. And its not just Gavin who is great, all his staff and band were the same way so he surrounds himself with good people. Best concert and show I’ve ever been too… You are lucky to get to work with him. Can’t wait to see him again and again.

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Hello Diane and thanks for sharing your opinion about Gavin Degraw. When we booked Gavin for the New York show, he stayed with his fans for hours after the concert. He talked with the people, posed for photos, and gave his autograph to around 200 fans after the show. Gavin was very likeable at the 2013 Kingsport Fun Fest also. Again, Gavin is one of the nicest, most likeable rock and pop singers with whom we’ve worked. We wish him continued success and we appreciate your input. Thank you Diane!

    2. Diane H says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time for the reply!! I really appreciate it. And thanks for sharing your personal experience with Gavin, that was awesome to hear your experience with him as well. Your reply made my day….. Now, please help book him in the Chicago area!! Best wishes to you as well. Thanks again.

      1. A to Z Entertainment says:

        Thanks again Diane!
        ~ A to Z Entertainment, Inc.

  4. Diane H says:

    And more add…I think it says a lot about him that he was willing to be the opening act for other bands. He opened the show and I was blown away with that. Not a lot of artists would want to do that. That shows you how amazing he really is.. What you see with him is what you get..truly!!

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Thanks again Diane! Feel free to encourage comments from your friends and family too. We like it when fans are fired up in a positive way about Gavin DeGraw and other live entertainers. All the best to you!

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