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Now Booking Rock Musicians GURUFISH

GURUFISH – Funk, Pop and Rock Band

Best booking agency and agent for hiring rock band GurufishWe enjoyed talking with Jimmy St. James of Gurufish a few days ago and he told us about a private party his rock and funk band recently played in Atlanta. “It was insanely packed and very wild!” Jimmy said. “We played two, one-hour sets and everyone danced from the  minute we started ’til we finished, for both sets. It was a blast!” Jimmy told us that they played all their original music except for two Prince and one Sly and The Family Stone covers. “When we get in front of people, we win them over.”

Gurufish has two excellent rock music videos out on YouTube: “Touch Your Body” and “Pimp St.” Jimmy also told us, “We’re planning on filming several new videos to coincide with the release of new material as well as a live video.”

Gurufish won a contest earning them the title of the best rhythm and blues band in Atlanta and here’s what others are saying about Gurufish:

“Gurufish is a bumpin’ funk band!” –Macon Telegraph

“If you’re looking for a truly pimped-out, laidback album to throw in your Bose system while you throw down, then look no further. Gurufish combines funk, soul and R&B with a dash of sex sprinkled lightly throughout.” –Derek Stephens, Atlanta City Mag

See more about Gurufish and enjoy their funk music video, Pimp St.

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Best booking agent and agency for hiring Gurufish

Jimmy St. James


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2 thoughts on “Now Booking Rock Musicians GURUFISH”
  1. Rockgal237 says:

    Gurufish sounds great. l Really like thier rock music video Pimp St. Keep me posted about Gurufish, ’cause I listened to some of their other songs online and they are super-dooper! Jimmy is so cool!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Rockgal,

      Thanks for your comments about the rock music band Gurufish. Jimmy St. James is cool and a very nice guy. We appreciate you visiting our site and we’ll keep you posted about Gurufish.

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