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JILL RAPPAPORT Celebrity TV Star Speaker

Entertaining Corporate Celebrity Speaker JILL RAPPAPORT

Jill Rappaport TV Star Celebrity Booking Agency AgentCall A to Z Entertainment to book or hire TODAY Show TV Star and celebrity speaker Jill Rappaport. Jill Rappaport is an award-winning TV entertainment reporter and celebrity who is also an entertaining corporate speaker. With over twenty years of successful event planning and booking experience, we are your best agency and agent booking and hiring TV celebrity Jill Rappaport as a keynote speaker for any events. The advice is always free at A to Z and we can help you plan and produce your show or event. So call us today at 888-655-4575 for an excellent event!

Thank you visiting A to Z Entertainment! We booked award-winning television reporter Jill Rappaport in October for a Humanitarian League fundraiser in Ohio. The event was sold out and Jill spoke to an audience of 320 people.

  • The audience loved Jill Rappaport’s fun and interesting stories about the many TV and movie star celebrities she has interviewed over the years. They also enjoyed that Jill shares a love for animals. Jill was the first to arrive and the last to leave. Ms. Rappaport was most gracious and answered everyone’s questions, posed for photos, and talked with the guests after the event.
  • The event was a huge success because Jill Rappaport helped raise over 100 thousand dollars! So take note all event planners and fundraisers out there.
  • We were glad to be onsite to assist our client with this event. We’ve helped hundreds of corporations and organizations save time, money, and energy, so we’re confident we can help you plan and produce your event too. Give us a call and we’ll give you free advice.
  • All of us at A to Z Entertainment are grateful to our client and appreciate Jill Rappaport too. We received lots of great feedback and many said Jill was the “best speaker they ever had.”

    Jill Rappaport Book hire Agent Agency

    Jill Rappaport with Mari of A to Z Entertainment

  • Jill Rappaport will speak to your corporation or organization about her award-winning career as TV reporter and media journalist and she is also very entertaining when she speaks about her interviews with many star celebrities. Have a happy audience and have some fun; call us today to check available dates for booking Jill Rappaport for your event.
  • Because Jill is also a very caring philanthropist and passionate animal advocate, she is also an excellent speaker for any business or organization interested in or working for animals!

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We are your best agency for booking and hiring TV celebrity reporter and animal rights advocate Jill Rappaport. Jill is available for celebrity appearances and as an entertaining guest speaker. Jill can also speak for any animal rights and animal welfare organizations and causes. Call us today at 888-655-4575 to check 2014 available dates. We are also your agent and agency booking any Reality TV stars and Celebrity TV personalities for personal appearances at your event or show.

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2 thoughts on “JILL RAPPAPORT Celebrity TV Star Speaker”
  1. Trudy M. says:

    I see Jill Rappaport on the Today show and on the Bow to Wow show she does and she is just wonderful. I didn’t know she’s a speaker though. Bet she’s pretty good. anyways, I just love your all’s site and the celebrities and TV stars. It’s all good. Please tell Jill I said hello and that we all love her on the TV!

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Hi Trudy and thanks for your comment about Jill Rappaport. Jill is wonderful on her TV series, Bow To Wow, and she helps so many of our furry friends. Jill is also a wonderful and entertaining corporate speaker. Thanks for visiting us Trudy; we’ll give Jill your message. Merry Christmas!

Please let us know what you think; thank you!

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