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Free Guide to Booking and Hiring Comedians and Speakers

Get your free Guide to Booking and Hiring Comedians and Speakers today! Just call A to Z Entertainment at 888-655-4575 or send us a message via our Contact Page. With over twenty-five years of successful experience, we’re your best agency to book and hire funny stand-up comedians and keynote guest speakers for any type of events!

How to Hire and Book Top Keynote Speakers and Funny Corporate Comedians

At A to Z Entertainment, we believe in helping and supporting you, our client, so you can have fun and memorable events. So after you read your free guide, feel free to contact us with your additional questions and we’ll be happy to help you. If you send a message using our Contact Page, be sure to type at least a brief message in the message box indicating you want us to e-mail you a copy of the free guide. Feel free to call us anytime at 888-655-4575. The advice is always free, from A to Z.

Here’s the Free Guide’s table of contents:

  1. How do I book or hire a comedian or speaker?
  2. How do I decide on the right comedian or speaker for my event?
  3. What are comedians and speakers’ fees and expenses? Do I pay more for using an artist’s agency or speaker’s bureau?
  4. How do offers and contracts work?
  5. Can I book or hire any comedian or speaker? What if I don’t see the comedian or speaker I want on your website, can you still book them for me? What are Exclusive Comedians and Speakers?
  6. When should I start the booking and hiring process?
  7. Can I record or tape the comedian or speaker?
  8. Will the comedian or speaker meet with my guests and audience and pose for photographs or sign autographs?
  9.  Why should I use A to Z Entertainment, Inc. as my comedians and speakers’ booking agency?

When you book your comedians and speakers with A to Z Entertainment, we also give you a free Event Sheet Itinerary and a copy of our Guide to Having Successful Events with Comedians and Speakers. The Event Sheet Itinerary is a timeline for the day of your event, from beginning to end and includes all pertinent information about your comedian or speaker such as when and how he or she will arrive, a timeline of the day or evening, and phone numbers, flight numbers, hotel confirmation numbers, and all the details you may need to ensure everyone is on the same page, so that your event flows smoothly.

You will also receive a Guide to Having Successful Events with Comedians and Speakers when you book your comedians and speakers with us. A $27.50 value, this guide is also free to you in addition to your Event Sheet Itinerary. This guide is more specific to actually conducting your event on your scheduled date. It’s full of great information such as free advice about:

  • How to set up the room and arrange seating and tables where your comedian or speaker will perform,
  • How to ensure you have good lighting and sound for your comedian or speaker,
  • How to conduct a smooth and efficient “meet and greet” with your guest and how to introduce your comedian or speaker.
  • This guide also gives you great tips about what you should probably do about the order of events, the stage, lectern and podium, food and drinks, and cellphones… so that everyone has a pleasant, memorable experience for years to come!

Booking and Hiring Funny Stand-up Comedians

Hiring and Booking Professional Keynote Speakers and Trainers

While you’re here, please check out our website and enjoy the bios, photos and videos of some of the funny comedians and professional speakers and trainers. We can book anyone you want, even if you don’t see the comedian or speaker here on our website. Just Contact Us. Having helped hundreds of clients, we’re your best agency for booking and hiring funny comedians and keynote speakers. Call us now at 888-655-4575 and we’ll be glad to help you!

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