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Speakers win with online video subscriptions! Speakers On Demand

Call A to Z Entertainment, Inc. today at 888-655-4575 to join our new online video subscription service, Speakers On Demand! Speakers On Demand is an excellent way for you to get your message out and create a new and consistent revenue source. Keep your content in front of clients year round and create a product that is sold as a compliment to your live events!

A to Z Entertainment invites you to join our new service, Speakers On Demand. You can reach audiences with your message in a new, innovative, and “virtual” way. With a smartphone or video camera you can create content that can be loaded on to our platform and delivered to audiences on a schedule that is best suited to your message.  

Benefits to You as a Professional Speaker:

  • You create a new and consistent revenue source; passive income.
  • Keep your message, name, and brand in front of customers throughout the year.
  • Your videos help market you, so you will receive more live bookings for events and shows.
  • Create a product that we sell to compliment your live speaking events, both before and after your in-person presentations.
  • Create a product offering for clients who want your content and message in the absence of a live event.  
  • You save time and save energy with less traveling.

    We offer our clients three choices of video subscriptions:

  • Base Subscription: These subscriptions provide a series of short videos that “hit the highlights” of your topic. These subscriptions will have a standard and consistent price across all speakers and we retain a portion of the client’s subscription fee.
  • Comprehensive Subscription: These subscriptions include a more in-depth offering of your content. You establish the pricing for these subscriptions and our commission is based on a percentage of your price.
  • Custom Subscription: These are for clients who want you to create a subscription built specifically to meet the unique needs of their organization. Again, you establish the pricing for these subscriptions and our commission is based on a percentage of your price.

How it works:

  • Use existing content: If you have existing content we will work with you to get this packaged into a subscription.
  • Create new content: This can be done easily using your smart phone. We can upload a full library of your videos if you have them ready, or you can create new videos gradually, over time and we can then release them to our clients.
  • Create content for the emails and establish the schedule of delivery: You determine what messaging you want associated with each email and the schedule of delivery. The email and video platform will be customized to represent you and your brand.

Getting Started: You send us your completed videos. We load these onto the platform and build the subscription based on your direction (email content, delivery frequency, etc.). This package will then be marketed to our extensive list of clients, and to your existing clients if you wish.

Business Arrangement:

There is no cost to you; you just agree to pay a one-time commission similar to a live event booking, each time a subscription is sold. We will be marketing these subscriptions to our substantial list of established clients and to new clients. You are paid when our office receives payment from the client. You and A to Z Entertainment, Inc. sign a simple contract just as you would for a live booking event.

Free assistance:

Just contact us for details, video guidelines, pricing/payment agreements, and more information. We can also provide you free video-content tips, free video filming advice, and other marketing advice, if you wish.

Click here for an example of how this service will work for you:

Speakers Invitation to Join SPEAKERS on DEMAND

After you watch the video, be sure to check out the different features in the menu bar above the video player box: Home, Videos, Resources Library, History, and Search.

You can also see more about this service from our clients’ perspective and see how the videos work for clients by clicking this link…

Speakers On Demand

With more than 25 years of successful experience, we are your best agency for promoting your brand online. So call us at 888-655-4575 today and we will be happy to help you expand and grow your business as a professional speaker!

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