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Damien Keith Fisher performs magic and illusions both in New York and internationally. 

                      Magic is his passion, and he has been practicing illusions for over thirty years. It all began when Damien was ten years old and discovered an advertisement in a comic book about a magic kit. He saved his money, sent for the kit, and when it arrived, he practiced the magic  until he perfected the routine. He knew that practice was the foundation to becoming a great magician. He was ready to start performing, and did so, for his family and friends and he also took the stage in many school plays. Damien continued to read book after book, and perfected any piece of magic he was working on. Never did he think that his passion for magic would some day be his dream career. Even as a young boy, he knew that  magic would always be in his life and would never disappear from his soul.

             After years of practice he became superior in sleight-of-hand, clever misdirection, stage illusions, and close up magic. His show is made up of creative illusions from stage magic and card tricks to tricks with coins, knives, disappearing rings, and even levitations. His magic is now known throughout the world and he has earned the stage name… DAMIEN THE ILLUSIONIST

         In his early twenties,  Damien started performing at hotels in Atlantic City and resorts in New Jersey. As a young man he landed a routine show on Saturday nights at Mickey Rooney’s Place in Pennsylvania and performed stage illusions. He also took acting classes and eventually landed some commercials for Schaffer beer. Damien believes that if only for a moment, his magic can take your mind off of everyday life and makes you feel happy, he has  accomplished just what he wanted to do! 

                He has worked with famous magicians like Harry Blackstone and Keith Clark. While working with Keith Clark, he became fascinated with Clark’s cigarette magic and was taught how to manipulate several cigarettes and now performs these tricks as part of his show.
Now, Damien is well rounded and performs his original pieces of magic for adults only. He has been reviewed by major entertainment companies as “A sophisticated and modern act of magic and illusion”. 

            Damien currently is  enjoying performing  close-up magic on Monday nights in NYC as well as stage shows throughout New Jersey and other states. He performs at many different  venues from restaurants, to weddings, private parties, night clubs and corporate events. 

  Regardless of the  venue, after each performance everyone walks away thinking the same thing… how did he do that? Damien the Illusionist will always leave you and your audience with everlasting magical memories! 

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