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Book or Hire humorist Dr. Tom SteinerHas the current economic downturn got you down? Has your get up and go, gotten up and went? You’re not alone.

Dr. Tom Steiner, nationally noted EnterTRAINer (Ph.D. plus professional stand-up comic) serves as a realistic, yet optimistic (truth with NO HYPE) speaker to help you ENERGIZE your organization right now!

His most popular presentation entitled: “Maintaining Resilient Organizations During Tough Economic Times” has recently enlightened and inspired health care financial officers in North Dakota, fire chiefs in Oregon, and dentists and public sector employees in California.

Why listen to more doom and gloom when Dr. Tom can rev up and turbo charge your organization? His fast-paced, FUN, highly interactive presentations teach you to find and create meaning during adversity. He discusses how to deal with the emotional and logical business elements of downturns and then shows you:

  • How to “reframe”  your business outlook.  He will also show you how to create and imagine new possibilities using Option Thinking.
  • Learn how to communicate and “sell” this new vision to your peers, customers, team members and senior management.

Dr. Tom talks about how to communicate with and inspire your employees’ brains, hearts and funny bones.

To book or hire Dr. Tom, call A to Z Entertainment today at 888-655-4575!


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2 thoughts on “BOOK OR HIRE DR. TOM STEINER”
  1. Sharon M. says:

    This speaker sounds interesting. Does he get booked very much?
    Thanks for letting me know.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Sharon,

      Yes, Dr. Tom is averaging about 100 engagements per year. He is an excellent speaker and a very popular one as well.
      Thanks for visiting our website and thanks for your interest. Be sure to check out his biography and please let us know if we can help you.

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