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Corporate-Friendly Standup Comedian Milt Abel

Corporate-friendly standup comedian Milt Abel to appear April 8 in Aurora, Illinois.

Book or hire standup comedianCome to the Paramount Theater in Aurora, Illinois and catch Milt Abel and three other hilarious comedians in “The Stand-up Dads”.

“It’s a show I’ve been traveling with over the past handful of years. It’s myself and three other comedian dads -all married only once, -and still married! Doing material about our wives, our kids, our homes, and our need to get away and joke about each of those things. I’m eager to try a new joke at the show;

How pervasive is Facebook? I overheard a mother trying to explain the term ‘divorce’ to her daughter. She said, ‘you know how when you don’t like someone you unfriend them on Facebook? Well, your daddy and I want to unfamily each other.”

-and here’s a link to the show and theater

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One thought on “Corporate-Friendly Standup Comedian Milt Abel”
  1. Nora W. says:

    What’s the latest with Milt? I think he’s funny. Funny ha ha, not funny weird.
    Let me know and have a good day.

    Nora W.

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