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Sammy Sawyer as Barney Fife Agency Booking AgentWith over 20 years of successful experience, we are your best entertainment agency for booking live entertainers for fairs and festivals. We can book any live entertainers you want to draw a crowd and keep your audience happy. Call us now at 888-655-4575 and put the power of professional entertainers to work for you at your fairs and festivals!

Barney Fife Impersonator and look-alike, Sammy Sawyer, is perfect for your next fair or festival! Sammy has performed as Mayberry’s beloved Deputy Barney Fife for over 20 years and is always a hit with fans.

As Barney Fife, Sammy Sawyer brings the Mayberry experience right to you and your guests. Fair and festival-goers of all ages love taking pictures with, and even getting a “ticket” from, Deputy Barney Fife! He can even bring his black-and-white Mayberry squad car!

Along with his various personal appearances, Sammy Sawyer has also performed on stage as well as radio and television. Sammy has made numerous appearances as other characters, such as Gomer Pyle, but is most well-known for his energetic and loveable Barney Fife character.

Have a laugh with Sammy Sawyer as Barney Fife

Tanya Marie Harris is growing in demand after each live performance. After having her perform at your next festival or fair, it Tanya Marie Harris Booking Agentwill be easy to see why! Tanya’s powerhouse voice, authentic musical delivery, and fan interaction is quickly making her a favorite among crowds.

The artistic development of Tanya Marie Harris derives from early influences such as Patsy Cline, AC/DC, and The Eagles infusing with the more recent musical stylings of Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and Joss Stone. Each live performance showcases her unique high energy style and is jam packed with Country, Pop and Rock covers as well as original Tanya Marie Harris material.

Tanya’s soft release of her 2013 single, “Second Hand Dreams” is receiving great reviews of those in the music industry and ongoing strong music video views from fans worldwide.

Enjoy Tanya Marie Harris’ music video ‘Second Hand Dreams’

Jody Medford booking Agency Agent

Jody Medford, with his one-of-a-kind rich bass voice, has been performing since the age of 16, travelling all over the country and winning many awards.

Jody has teamed up with his friends from the country-rock band Cash Creek and Lonestar drummer, Keech Rainwater, to make and produce the music video for Jody’s song, “Moonshine”. One listen to Jody’s “Moonshine” and you will see what sets him apart from other performers.

Jody Medford and his band play contemporary country music as well as Rock and Southern Rock songs, singing covers of many of your favorite bands, and always bringing energy and enthusiasm to their performance.

Enjoy Jody Medford’s video ‘Moonshine’

We’ve helped hundreds of happy clients have successful concerts, fairs and festivals, so call us now and we’ll be happy to help you too. 

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We can help you book or hire any live entertainers, musicians, singers, and bands in addition to those you see here on our site.Your event is coming soon, so don’t miss out; call now. 888-655-4575

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  1. Jessica says:

    Sammy Sawyer is funny as Fife and Tanya Marie Harris and Jody Medford are great country music singers. “Barney” might go after the Moonshiners though. Great videos, thanks!

    1. A to Z Entertainment says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinion Jessica. We agree with your thoughts about Sammy Sawyer, Tanya Marie Harris and Jody Medford.
      Please share the link with your friends, family and co-workers!

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