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With a family musical lineage that goes back three generations it’s no surprise that Emi Sunshine is a natural performer. Like her great-grandmother, Wanda, Emi has the ability to turn on the country charm and entertain a crowd. Wanda was a regular on Knoxville’s Own Midday Merry Go Round. Like her grandmother, the late Patsy Hamilton, Emi can sing the Lord’s gospel with the conviction of a soul who’s been on the earth years beyond her age and belt out a ballad that rips at your very heart.

Emi Sunshine is an accomplished musician and songwriter as well! Emi Sunshine and The Rain recently released their new CD, Black Sunday ’35. The compilation has 16 original songs written and or co-written by Emi Sunshine and the title track is a haunting song about the 1930’s Dust Bowl.

Emi Sunshine has won the Youth Talent Grand Prize at the Tennessee Valley State Fair singing her song, Madalyn’s Hill. Emi sunshine and The Rain perform at festivals, concerts, and corporate events and have even performed at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee!

Writing is a daily part of her life and attending the Smoky Mountain Songwriter’s Festival was a highlight and only fueled her desire to continue on as a singer and songwriter! A native of Madisonville, TN,  Emi grew up listening to classic Folk, Bluegrass, and Country music singers. Emi describes her music as “Americana Gospel,” taking influences from Ricky Skaggs, Amy Grant, Emmylou Harris, and Buddy Miller. Emi and The Rain also define their style as ‘Old Time Music turned Upside Down.’

Her mom, Alisha Hamilton, introduced Emi to music at a mere four years old. They wrote simple songs together, then advanced to songs Emi could play on her ukelele or mandolin. Eventually, her dad, Randall Hamilton, and brother, Johnathon Letner, helped out teaching her chords and leads, respectively.

Often found at Knoxville’s Market Square, Emi Sunshine is well received by hundreds of fans as well as other musicians in the community.

Outreach is very important to Emi Sunshine and she loves to spread her kind and gentle nature. Never quick or abrupt, she listens to anyone willing to share from their life and often those stories find their way into her songs.

So pull up a chair and listen, you could learn something from this tiny poet. Writing from her heart and singing from her soul.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this very special little musician. Meet her and you will be captured by her talent, wit and charm. She
EMI SUNSHINE Booking Agency 888-655-4575even tells June Carter jokes!

  • Emi Sunshine and The Rain recently released their second studio CD, “Black Sunday ’35” and are working on their next album
  • They have performed at The Grand Ole Opry
  • They have been playing with popular artists like Marty Stuart, Emmylou Harris, Amy Grant, and others
  • Don’t miss out, call now to check available dates!

EmiSunshine on “The Today Show”

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