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EX-NIHILO Christian Alternative Rock-Pop Band

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About In 2012, on moving from Canton to Columbus, Matt Brooks (Bassist) was looking for a new group after his old band broke up. He soon connected with Josh Beaudoin, Brittany Reed, Tyler Monroe, and David Sadowski. After a lot of brainstorming one night, a few of them talked with each other about past struggles and they came to the conclusion that their faith was something that helped them come through that and decided on the name Crimson Divide. They started playing small shows everywhere from small churches in Akron, to fundraising shows at Capital University and garage shows in Marysville.

After writing a handful of songs they decided they wanted to record an album. Matt had contacts at Unlabeled Studios through Steven Cooper, a friend of his he met through a show he put together shortly before he started the band. Before they knew it they had several songs recorded, but soon afterwards Josh was accepted to STINT which was a year long mission trip in Europe and Brittany was starting to progress in her job and wasn’t able to commit fully to being in a band. So the future of the band was up in the air. However – Matt, David, and Tyler wanted to continue playing together and decided to find replacements for their time without Josh.

After a short time they were offered an opening slot at Skully’s Music Diner and brought on Austin Hafner to cover Josh’s vocals and Corey Campbell to play drums. Long story short, they brought out the most people that night and ended up closing out the show instead of opening it. After months of convincing and persuasion, Austin agreed to join the band as their keyboardist and additional vocalist. However, Corey was unable to stay committed to the band and eventually stopped playing for them and after his year long mission trip was over, Josh rejoined the band. With all the adding and removing of members, the band decided to make a few changes.

Within the next couple of weeks, they went from being Crimson Divide, a Christian band in a Christian market, to Ex-Nihilo, a Christian-Alternative-Pop-Rock inspired band that would focus on reaching beyond just the Christian market. With their new name and new sound, they went into the studio with Jonathan Hape and Nicholas Rowe to record their first single, “Can’t Marry This”. It was at this point that the band felt the most complete. They we’re playing better than they had ever been and the chemistry between all five members was at its best. However, more challenges eventually presented themselves. It was not long before coming back from his trip that Josh ended up getting married and landing a full-time job. Tyler also got married, and ended up stepping away from the band and moving to Kentucky. Once again, the future became uncertain.Ex-Nihilo band agent

However, it was also at this time that the group also made a new step forward. They recruited Todd Church to be their manager, overseeing promotion and marketing for the band, while they focused on their craft.

Today Ex-Nihilo is composed of 5 members: Austin Hafner (Keyboard, lead vocals), Matt Brooks (Bassist, Vocals), David Sadowski (Drummer), Josh Beaudoin (Rhythm Guitarist, Vocals), and Joel Sheppard (Lead Guitarist).

They just released their debut self-titled EP, with the help of Jeremy Steckel, and they are looking to tour other states and cities outside of Ohio, and continue to find ways to make themselves better. Regardless of all the uncertainties, the band believes that through their love and passion for music, they can create something beautiful out of nothing.

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