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Christian music’s super group Point of Grace’s new album, No Changin’ Us, was clearly meant to be.

Whether you want to describe it as God’s plan, or simply fate, the natural evolution of the group’s country-tinged sound and the expansion of its fan base into mainstream country is occurring exactly at a time when  so many have grown increasingly hungry for music that offers hope and positivity during this period of uncertainty. While remaining true to their contemporary Christian roots, Point of Grace is now poised to reach a new audience with No Changin’ Us, allowing the female trio to share their message of love and optimism with more people than ever.

Since forming at Ouachita Baptist University 19 years ago, Point of Grace has emerged as one of the biggest names in Christian music with their signature chill-inducing harmonies, anthem like choruses and powerful lyrics that poignantly capture life’s simple yet vital messages. The two-time Grammy nominees have sold more than 6.5 million albums and earned 24 consecutive No. 1 singles (27 total including radio staples “Steady On”, “The Great Divide” and “Circle of Friends”), a feat unmatched by any artist in any genre. They’ve won 10 prestigious Dove Awards, including Country Recorded Song of the Year in 2008 for“How You Live” and Country Recorded Song of the Year in 2009 for “I Wish.” In conjunction with their new album, they are releasing a new cookbook, “Cooking with Grace”, featuring personal photos and stories to help raise money for an African orphanage.

While they are proud and extremely grateful for their impressive success and lasting careers, they are first and foremost simply three women who are trying to live their lives right, be good wives and raise their children the best they can. “We’re finding out that the majority of our fans are women who are dealing with the same things we are,” says Leigh. “We are three women with three voices united together to encourage other women, today in a time when everyone can use encouragement.

Whe title track of their last album, How You Live, Point of Grace captured the attention of Warner Bros. Nashville, the sister label of Word Entertainment. “They heard the song and said, ‘We’d like to take this to country radio if it’s OK with you,’” says Shelley Breen. “We were actually hoping that would happen but didn’t think it would, after all, country music was what the women were gravitating to as they were maturing, just as many of their fans have.”

“Country radio is open now to faith-based music. The biggest song two years ago was Carrie Underwood’s ‘Jesus, Take the Wheel.’ You can’t get any more blatant than that. In a way, it’s good timing for us.” Adds Denise, “If what they say is true, 90 percent of the country audience say they are believers and a lot of those same people listen to Christian music as well, so we already have a name out there.” Encouraged by the acceptance shown at country radio, Point of Grace began working with some of Nashville’s top country music writers to create songs for their eighth studio album (and 14th album overall). No Changin’ Us was produced by the in-demand Nathan Chapman, who recently took home Grammys for producing Taylor Swift’s Fearless, which won the prestigious Album of the Year and Country Album of the Year awards in 2010.

“We were intentional about making sure that the songs we were singing weren’t bubble gum, but had a real message,” says Leigh. What matters the most to Point of Grace is the message of God’s love, and they continue their consistent career course of embracing songs that are unmistakably Christian. Indeed, there may even be more songs like this, including “Come to Jesus” and “There’s Nothing Greater than Grace,” than on their previous project.

The message of “Come to Jesus” is evident in the song’s title. “Often we get depleted and it’s when we’re depleted that we call out to him, but we don’t need to wait,” Leigh says. “We can call out in the middle of everyday challenges. The song is a very simple message with an eternal value, and that value is having a relationship in Christ. “Denise says many mistakenly believe that they have to be perfect because God only loves those who are good. “Really this song is saying the reason that Jesus came is for the broken, for the depleted, weary and bitter,” she says. “Don’t sit there and start thinking, ‘I’ve got to start acting better before I can do that.’ He came for everyone.”

“He Holds Everything,” “Love and Laundry” and “The Greatest Show on Earth” create memorable, authentic messages with their descriptions of life’s small details, those seemingly mundane rituals and chores that structure our hectic days, offer comfort with their familiarity and create common bonds.   The three women co-wrote “The Greatest Show on Earth,” a song that is a colorful portrait of their chaotic home lives. “The first line is, ‘I’m trying to shave my legs and UPS is at the door,’ just the craziness that we have in the balance of being working moms,” Denise says. The song was inspired by a conversation that Denise had with a woman who had two biological children, and they had adopted two children and were adopting two more. “We were talking about how a lot of people look at that and say, ‘They are crazy! Why in the world would you do that? It’s a circus; kids are running around everywhere.’ She said to me, ‘You know, there are kids all over the world that don’t get to enjoy the circus. I want to bring these kids into my life so that they can experience the circus.’”

The title track, written by Chapman’s wife, Stephanie Chapman, was inspired by her parents’ 25-year marriage, which has remained strong despite the pressures of a changing world. “This song is a personal declaration for us individually to stay committed to the ones that God has gifted us with as husbands,” says Leigh, “But we hope people will recognize that this song has a lot of meaning, because to stay together, whether you are best friends, mother and daughter or father and son, is a commitment that should be taken very seriously.”

Since Point of Grace hosts “Girls of Grace”, an annual week-long conference series that addresses the hot topics that teens face today, it’s no surprise that they were drawn to “Wildflower,” a song about embracing who you are. “I have seen this girl that this song talks about so many times at our conferences and concerts, just that girl that never quite fits in,” Shelley says. “This song talks about how all of those girls are beautiful and a “wildflower” looking for just a little crack to be able to grow through. It tells them to keep hanging on because the winds of change are coming, to not give up.”

“The collection of songs is a nice balance of who we are,” says Leigh Cappillino. “Point of Grace is three women that have our faith, love our country, and are very family-oriented.” Says Denise Jones, “It’s our prayer that there are going to be songs that will speak to somebody and they’ll hear it whether it’s on country or Christian radio and it will bring about a life change for them.”

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