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When musicians Dave Frey and Ben McDonald met in their Anderson University residence hall in August 2001, they discovered that they shared three of the same passions: God, music, and people. As their friendship began to bloom, they developed a musical partnership.

“We didn’t really form the band-it kind of formed us,” said McDonald, songwriter and guitarist of Sidewalk Prophets. Frey and McDonald played together casually until that October, when they formed 4 Floors II Heaven, a band named in tribute to the fourth floor residence hall where they had met.

In the spring of 2002, Anderson’s newly formed record label sought out the band to be part of an exclusive artist development project. The switch to the name Sidewalk Prophets was a decision which accompanied the band’s emergence into local limelight as they sought to define their identity.

“I came up with the name Sidewalk Prophets based on a lyric from a Jars of Clay song,” said Frey, lead singer of the group. McDonald agreed that the new name better explained and supported the band’s purpose, to speak the truth in love. He warned, however, that the word prophet sometimes carries a negative connotation.

“The dictionary definition says a prophet is someone who speaks truth about life. I think our songs, for the most part, speak in truth about the things that Christ has revealed to us over the years,” McDonald said. “Everything isn’t necessarily picture perfect and pretty, but it is truth nonetheless.”

During the summer of 2002, Frey and McDonald went on a search to put together a complete band. Drummer Steve Miller, keyboardist Josh Collins and guitarist Chris Estes soon joined the band’s lineup. Combining the acoustic flavor of Counting Crows with the vocal style of Blues Traveler, Sidewalk Prophets brought together the personal flavors of five individuals to create a new sound. With influences ranging from Mariah Carey to Bob Dylan and The Beatles, Frey, McDonald, Miller, Collins and Estes complemented what they called “in-your-face” musical passion with scenic lyrical imagery.

“You don’t have to look very hard to find Christ in most of Sidewalk Prophets’ songs,” said Frey. Though some people may initially hear Sidewalk Prophets lyrics and think the subject to be starlight or another object, Frey said people will find Jesus in the songs if they consider the truth of the lyrics.

Love has always been the heart of Sidewalk Prophets’ music. Having a connection with the everyday person in a world where appearance and image are thought to equal everything, Sidewalk Prophets’ mission statement has remained unchanged. “Image is nothing-love is everything.”

“I am definitely the most stubborn person when it comes to letting go and loving, but I am learning a lot,” said McDonald. “We really need to work hard to love each other and love each other well. You only live once.”

The Sidewalk Prophets began working in the studio on their first full-length album in January 2003. Contributing to the project were Nashville-based orchestral composer Rolin Mains, studio bass player Randy Melson and producer Mark Pay, president of Launch Records in Anderson, Ind. Songs on the project will include “Relentless,” “Where I Stand” and “Amazing.”

“We are just excited to share our life experiences through music,” said McDonald. “And we will share them with anyone who cares to listen.”

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