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As the former lead singer of Trick Pony, the platinum-selling band that earned four top 20 singles, an ACM Best New Artist award, and an army of fans for their rabble-rousing honky-tonk brand of country music, Heidi Newfield possesses one of the genre’s most distinctive voices. With the release of her debut solo album on Curb/Asylum Records, produced by Tony Brown and featuring the lead single “Johnny And June,” Heidi’s explosive voice and heartfelt songwriting are showcased in an entirely new way.

Heidi Newfield is the diminutive blond who became famous for her explosive voice, rambunctious stage antics, and trademark unruly curls. Once known for her role as front woman for platinum-selling band, Trick Pony, Newfield now stands solely on her own stellar repute—the same credentials that earned her monstrous success and five ACM Award nominations for her debut solo album, What Am I Waiting For. Now, as the female powerhouse prepares for her follow-up album with distinguished producer Blake Chancey, Heidi notes a few similarities between the two album processes.

“Once in a blue moon a song comes along that knocks you off your feet. That’s how I felt about ‘Why’d You Have To Be So Good’”—a track Heidi hopes stands as the foundation for her sophomore solo album. “I knew the moment I heard it, that it was mine. It’s one of those songs that said everything I’ve been feeling and it kinda gets right to it. It’s about losing someone who has perhaps been a big impact on your life and given you faith in yourself. If you’ve ever lost anyone, it kinda hits you where you live.”

You could call it déjà vu or just simply musical taste at its finest as just two years ago, Heidi recalls a similar experience when she recorded “Johnny & June,” written by Newfield, Stephaney Smith and Deanna Bryant. “From the moment that we started in on it, we all three just sort of looked at each other and went ‘ok wait a minute—this is really a special song,’” Heidi recounts. “I still listen to ‘Johnny & June’ right now, after writing it and going through it and living with it, performing it on television, and I still get chills up my spine.” Using country’s legendary First Couple as a muse, “Johnny & June” yearns for a love that is “powerful and big, and crazy and wild. Everybody wants to find that kind of a big love in their life,” Heidi says with a smile.

She’s thinking, obviously, of her NFL Agent husband, whom she married in June 2004. “It takes a special man to watch their spouse get on a bus and go up and down the road,” says Heidi. “This job takes a lot out of you and it is very time consuming, and even when I’m home, I’m not ‘really’ home sometimes. My wheels are always turning, always thinking about a song, what I need to do better, what I should do more. Thankfully, he understands, as he is very passionate about his job too. But then we have our time together and we try to keep that sacred. We do a good job of supporting one another.” Married shortly after Heidi’s mother passed away, the couple’s support system is certainly tried and true. “2004 was a year of transitions,” she recalls. “Interesting, and sad—the ultimate joy and the ultimate pain and sorrow at the same time…But my mom, it’s weird, because I really feel her. She’s with me very much. She’s right there with me.”

Growing up on a horse farm in Healdsburg, CA, in the heart of Sonoma County wine country, Heidi’s talent was lovingly nurtured by her mother and father. Every trail ride, every horse show and rodeo was set to a soundtrack of Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and all the great traditionalists. Later—to her mother’s dismay—Heidi’s two older sisters turned her on to the great rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s: The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and AC/DC. Heidi also fell in love with traditional blues, and began playing the harmonica at an early age, attracted by what she calls “the most lonesome sound on the planet.”

From the first time she ever picked up a microphone at the age of 5 or 6, Heidi was blessed not only with enormous vocal talent, but the conviction that she was meant to be a singer. “I never really veered off that path,” she explains. “And my parents, fortunately, were very supportive.” She remembers her first trip to Nashville at age 13 to record a demo: “We didn’t know what we were doing, and we certainly didn’t have the money to be running me all over back and forth between Nashville, but they did their very best to try to support me.”

Between the loss of her parents and her new marriage, Heidi Newfield is in a very different place now than when hard-partying, good-timing Trick Pony hit the scene in 2001, and her new solo music reflects that transformation. “There were parts of the first record that were not just about a man and a woman for me,” she explains. “They were about my experiences all the way around, like leaving the group, and my feelings about that, the pain and the hurt, or the joy of being independent and standing on my own two feet.” Now, in the studio with Chancey and notable songwriters like Jeffrey Steele and Jeremy Popoff, who wrote “Why’d You Have To Be So Good,” Heidi notes that her new experiences are once again acting as the playbook for this new chapter in her life.

“I’m not interested in cutting a record that is indifferent or not going to make people feel something. I want to create a really important body of work, no matter how long it takes me,” Heidi explains. “I have no interest in going in and making another Nashville country record that just gets thrown out there and quickly forgotten. We didn’t do that with What Am I Waiting For and we’re not going to rush the experience this time. I wanted people to begin to get to know me in a way they’ve never known me before. I want to showcase with humility and pride that God made me different…without ‘trying to be different.’ I hope that people will open up their hearts and minds to me and this music because it has soul— my soul. For that, I have high hopes, and always will.”

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