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RICH MILLER Country Music singer

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Rich Miller’s life has been full of music from the age of four and he has never wavered with his vocals. Even now Rich has a very authentic country music sound. Rich has always said, “Because of God I have vocals and music.” As mentioned, it all started at a very young age and followed him to adulthood, so as a result he just can’t get it out of his mind. “As a child I use to sing with my sisters at church, but my passion has always been country music” says Rich.

“While watching and listening to myself perform songs from back in 1996, my confidence grew even stronger and the desire to get back on the stage to perform was impossible to resist.” Rich was singing in small showcases, to larger shows like the Loretta Lynn Mountain Art Center in Kentucky. Rich performed every weekend at venues like the Music Place in Corbin, KY, where there were from 800 people to many thousand. He also sang at Kentucky Jamboree, The World Chicken in KY, and anywhere else he could perform. So, Rich has the confidence to make it. “I owe everything to God.”    

Rich Miller is so thankful to his mother and father for sharing the roots of traditional country music. This not only gave him hours of enjoyment, but it built his confidence to pursue the music he loved and was close to his heart and his very soul.

Rich’s desire is to be among the greatest country singers like those of the past. If there is such a thing as country music DNA, then Rich has it in his blood. Rich Miller believes his exposure to country music was given to him at birth and that he is truly blessed. Rich’s desire in life is to make his music a reality and to help keep traditional country music alive long after he’s gone.

Rich Miller – All the Whiskey

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