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The release of Ricky Lynn Gregg’s third solo country album, “Careful What You Wish For”, solidifies Gregg as a mainstay artist in country music. As well known for his edgy brand of country as for his scores of devoted fans, Gregg refines his talent on this 10-song disc, and says he is more proud of this project than any of his previous albums.

Musically diverse, “Careful What You Wish For” is a clear reflection of a man known for his traditional country roots, his rocking country music, and his rangy vocals. This album truly offers something for everyone. From ‘Victoria’s Secret’, a deceptively simple Gregg-penned tribute to the inner beauty of women, to Tornado, the hard rockin’, comical story of trouble in a trailer park, this album ranges from southern rock, to stone-cold traditional country, to contemporary country pop. Co-produced by Gregg, Barry Beckett and Eddie Gore, legendary blues man Steve Cropper even lent a hand on a few of the tracks.

Ricky Lynn Gregg was named Billboard’s #4 Top New Artist in 1993, for his country debut on Liberty Records, “Ricky Lynn Gregg”.  Singles released from the album include If I Had a Cheatin’ Heart, Three Nickels and a Dime, and Can You Feel It.  “Get a Little Closer”, his second album on Liberty, put Gregg in the ranks of the finest of country vocalists.Ricky Lynn Gregg hire book

Gregg says he loves the contrasts on this album. Guitar Do the Talking is a southern rock flavored testimony to life in a small-town bar. Gregg’s picking skills have never been more impressive than on this track. The hauntingly beautiful ballad, One, showcases Gregg’s amazing vocal range. It’s a love ballad that is destined to become a wedding standard.  Jeans is a fun romp through country rock, a format that became synonymous with Gregg and his Liberty recordings. Those who say Gregg has lost touch with tradition need to listen to Don’t Call Home, co-written by Gregg.

But it’s the title track, Careful What You Wish For, that Gregg says is striking a chord with audiences everywhere. “It’s all about the fact that things you really wish for in life, things you desire very strongly, may or may not be good for you,” he said.  Fans everywhere have told Gregg that this song has made them reevaluate a lot of areas of their lives. “I hope that’s true,” he said. “The songs on this album have a great deal of meaning for me. Each song was very selectively chosen because of its message. I hope the people who listen to this music get as much out of it as I have.”

Ricky Lynn Gregg is a rocking country artist with traditional values, who occasionally surprises everyone with his soulful blues. As a guitar virtuoso, Gregg can, and does, rock with the best. Over and over again, his vocal range and styling have received critical acclaim. But when it comes down to the facts, the facts are that Ricky Lynn Gregg loves country music, and country music is very lucky to have Ricky Lynn Gregg.

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