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Statler Brothers’ sons, Wil and Langdon Reid carry on their fathers’ Country Music Hall of Fame Legacy!

The Reid cousins, who seem more like brothers, have sung together professionally for over 15 years. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and above all, very, very talented. Along with their outstanding harmony, which is an inherent trademark from their fathers, Harold and Don Reid, members of the Statler Brothers, Wil and Langdon are prolific songwriters who have had over 30 songs published and recorded.

They can also play many different instruments, which makes an impressive portfolio and contributes to their unique style. But when Wil and Langdon plug up and strap on their electric guitars and turn on their natural entertaining abilities, you can expect to be fulfilled with a musical delight.

The duo played a lot of music for a number of years under the name Grandstaff. Grandstaff CDs include Circles and Grandstaff: Live & Well. In 2010, the country music duo changed their name to Wilson Fairchild. Wilson is Wil’s middle name and Fairchild is Langdon’s middle name. The new fresh name has more of a duo sounding ring to it and fits their fresh new music as well.

You may remember a number-one rated television show for seven years on TNN, “The Statler Brothers Show.” On their debut WILSON FAIRCHILD booking agency hiring agentappearance, they got to sing the first song they had written together called “What We Love To Do” which the Statler Brothers recorded. Since then, they have been hooking up with some other big name writers and joining forces behind the almighty pen. In 2007, the Statlers were being inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Wil and Langdon were asked to be a part of the ceremony by singing a song to them. They felt it was time to write their own “Statler” song in tribute to all their successes throughout their career. The two sat down and wrote “The Statler Brothers Song.”

Lately, Wilson Fairchild has enjoyed opening a lot of shows for the legendary George Jones. And their latest success in the songwriting arena is a song called “Make God First.” They wrote it with friend and grammy-award winning songwriter Gordon Kennedy, and Ricky Skaggs recorded it for his Mosaic CD.

Here are some testimonials about Wilson-Fairchild from happy clients:

Saturday was an absolute fabulous concert even despite a little rain. Wil and Langdon are great performers and super nice people. … So, without a doubt we certainly want Wilson-Fairchild back with us in 2021. Just let me know what we need to do to secure a Saturday night. Thanks

We had a nice crowd and everyone loved Wilson Fairchild. They are just super nice, down-to-earth guys. They are very talented and put on a great musical concert and they are very entertaining.  Hope to have them back again!

Country musicians Wil and Langdon, Wilson Fairchild, will be the highlight of your next event! Enjoy their videos and call us now at 888-655-4575 to check available dates.

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