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Fear No Ice is a larger-than-life performance ice-sculpting group that specializes in live entertainment for groups of all sizes. Your guests will be on the edge of their seats, caught up in the combination of drama, comedy, and audience participation that is the hallmark of any Fear No Ice spectacle.

Fear No Ice offers five shows: Logo Reveal, Rock ‘n’ Roll Guitar, Ice Chopper, CEO and Table and Chairs. Clients with a specific vision and unlimited imagination can opt for a custom show. All shows begin with the same way – with a riot of audience anticipation.

The lights dim, leaving only a few bulbs to illuminate the staging area, while the music snakes through the space. Fog billows out and stacks up Hire Book FEAR NO ICEon stage, turning any room otherworldly. Spotlights roam the area, searching for the source of the music as video art is projected onto a white scrim screen set behind the stage

What’s happening? The question is in every mind. Suddenly, they begin their approach. Costumed in head-to-toe white, they’re surreal yet tangible, stopping to banter with guests as they make their way to the stage.

Once they’re there, the music explodes. They don their chainsaws and chisels to unveil a massive wall of ice, finally offering the audience a glimpse of what is about to unfold in front of their eyes.

In some shows a screen made of snow and shards of ice are stripped away as they carve and sculpt to ultimately reveal your logo hidden behind the wall. In others, a stark stack of ice is transformed into a well-known shape of mythic proportions. Through it all, they never stop engaging the audience. They might jump on and off the stage with umbrellas to shield guests from flying ice and snow, or place a sculpted ice frame in front of a guest while a photo is taken. Sometimes they’ll offer a foot massage to a guest whose foot is placed on a block of ice hidden under a table. Audience interaction is funny and improvised, as the crowd craves the attention of the Fear No Ice performers.

Once your creation has been revealed, a waiter passes through the room with a tray of cocktails. As one of them commandeers the cocktails, the other produces sculpted ice beer mugs or martini glasses. After the drinks have been poured, a toast is offered to the audience. The lights dim and as suddenly as they appeared, they are gone. In 15- 25 minutes a masterpiece has been created and your room has been transformed into a party!

Fear No Ice started in 1997 and they have designed five dynamic shows for you to choose from. These are specificallyFear No Ice Hire Agent designed to give you an idea of what Fear No Ice looks and feels like. After you have decided Fear No Ice is perfect for your event they will custom design a show for your audience. 90% of their shows are custom shows.

The five standard shows are the Logo Reveal Show, Rock n Roll Guitar Show, Ice Chopper Show, CEO Show, and the Table and Chairs Show. All of these shows can be tweaked and massaged into what fits your needs, that is, The Custom Show.

Let’s say the theme of your event is tropical and you would like them to create a margarita glass and palm trees. Creating it for you is their pleasure. Fear No Ice loves custom shows and every show is different. Fresh, frozen and alive!

Fear No Ice has a long history in the media having appeared on over 50 TV programs including the “Rachel Ray Show”, “Paula Deen Show”, “Regis and Kathy Lee”, “Sunday Morning” with Charles Kuralt, “Ordinary/Extraordinary”, Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, the “David Letterman Show” and many more!

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