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As a professional actor for nearly thirty years Jim Meskimen has appeared in the films Apollo 13, The Grinch, Frost/Nixon, The Punisher, Not Forgotten, There Will Be Blood, Batman, and many others. Some of Jim’s TV credits include Friends, Whose Line is it, Anyway?, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Castle, Lie to Me and Rules of Engagement.

In the 1980’s & 90’s he had a thriving career as a man-on-the-street interviewer for improvised TV and radio campaigns for grocery stores, bank cards, coffee makers, and a host of other clients that won awards for several major advertising agencies.

As an impressionist, Jim’s impressions of political figures in the 2004 election were showcased in animated cartoons by Jibjab that were among the most popular items on the Internet. His viral video, “Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices” topped three-quarters of a million views in 2011 and his subsequent celebrity impression videos have cemented him as a major YouTube talent.

The Australian Today Show dubbed him, “The World’s Greatest Impressionist.”

Jim Meskimen lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress and founder of The Acting Center school, Tamra Meskimen. His daughter, Taylor, is also a performer, and his mother is actress Marion Ross, who was Emmy and Golden Globe nominated for her work on Happy Days (as Richie’s mom) and Brooklyn Bridge.

“Accepting imitations” is looked on as a negative… unless you’ve heard Jim Meskimen.

JIMPRESSIONS, a two-act homage to the art of vocal mimicry, is his ninety minute, two-act tour de force in which he relates his observations of and experiences with, over 65 different celebrities, from George Clooney, to Kevin Spacey, from William Shatner to Morgan Freeman… and even Flipper.

Jim Meskimen has performed the show in Hollywood, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Vancouver, Baltimore, London, Chicago and Sydney, Australia, where audiences embraced the JIMPRESSIONS show and demonstrated a strong appetite for a new, fresh look at the art of celebrity mimicry.

Meskimen was also chosen as a presenter at the prestigious E.G. 6 Conference in Monterey, CA, and also La Cuidad De Las Ideas (City of
Jim-Meskimen-2Ideas) in Mexico City in November 2012.

With “Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices”, which went viral on YouTube in July of 2011, followed by “Celebrity Alphabet”, the holiday themed, “Twas the Night Before Christmas in Celebrity Voices”, and “Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices Part Two”, viewers worldwide began to “Accept Imitations.”

Jim Meskimen ups the ante in the live show, offering a live version of “Shakespeare Impressions”, with volunteers from the audience challenging him with random celebs to speak the Bard’s verse.

“…Expert celebrity impersonator Jim Meskimen gives the freshest, funniest take on Clarence’s death dream (from Richard III) we’ve seen… well, ever.” said Entertainment Weekly.

The New York said, “Meskimen is a very talented impressionist, but what’s most impressive here is that he not only imitates obligatory celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, George W. Bush, Jack Nicholson and Jimmy Stewart but also people like George Clooney, Paul Giamatti and Ricky Gervais, celebrities you wouldn’t think were ripe for impressions until you hear his takes on them.”

Jim Meskimen brings his full range of vocal talents directly to fans of spot-on celebrity impressions in his touring one-man show, JIMPRESSIONS, now available for you and your audience!

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