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Justin Flom is an American magician. Australia’s TimeOut dubbed him as the “Heart throb” of the first boy band of magicians. He’s a regular guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was named Up and Coming Entertainer of the Year (2013) by Las Vegas Weekly. Justin Flom’s loosely structured, gorgeously shot Magic Block Party is a particular delight featuring his signature trick “Water to Coke” with “check this out” magic for the MTV Generation.

Justin Flom was born in Edina, Minnesota and raised in a family of magicians (his dad, uncle, and great grandfather were all practicing magicians). Justin started doing magic on stage at the age of two. As the Flom Family grew with younger brothers (Josh and Jordan) and one sister (Janelle) they all got in on the act billing themselves as the Flom Kids.

Magician Justin Flom has been a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube and has been ‘shared’ on hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages. Justin Flom regularly takes the stage at the famous Hollywood Magic Castle and has performed throughout the world in 26 countries.

At 18, Justin headlined his own show in Branson, MO and later his own theater called The Magic Parlor and Imaginary Theatre. Since leaving Branson, Justin got married, moved to Las Vegas and started creating original magic to share with millions on television and YouTube.

In 2014, James Galea formed the Band of Magicians with Justin Flom, Justin Willman, and Nate Staniforth. They are not some mystical
Justin Flom Magician Agent Hirecollective but instead a bunch of ordinary dudes who dabble in the extraordinary. Justin Flom takes charge and is the “heart throb” of the group who who often wears the kind of satisfied half-smile of the only person in the room who knows what’s going on. Justin does new-school card tricks and even a trick with people’s phones and Instagram. The audience loved the magic during the Band of Magicians run – standing ovations and packed houses were proof.

Currently starring in and producing the SyFy show Wizard Wars, with other magicians including Penn and Teller, Justin Flom is making magic all over the world.

From appearances on The TODAY Show, The Ellen DeGeneres show, and from touring Australia with the first magic supergroup, Band Of Magicians, Justin’s career is rising fast.

Whether appearing on stage at the renowned Hollywood Magic Castle, performing live in more than 26 countries around the world, sharing his magic via video with tens of millions on his YouTube channel or live through his Magic Block Parties, Justin Flom is MAKING MAGIC AND SHARING JOY!

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