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PETE PETERKIN – Comic Singing Impressionist – Celebrity Musician Impersonator

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In 2003 Pete Peterkin introduced his critically acclaimed one-man show to corporate America. Five standing ovations later, he was being called “The World’s Most Versatile Entertainer”… a title he has lived up to time and time again.

A singer, actor, dancer, comic impressionist, celebrity impersonator and multi-instrumentalist — as well as a writer of literature and song, Pete Peterkin’s services are in constant demand year round.

Watching him perform his one-man tour-de-force, few however would imagine the obstacles he had to overcome before being an entertainer was even an option. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Pete lost both parents at a young age. The loss made it consistently difficult for him to cope with the many life challenges that lie ahead.

At birth he had acquired a disease called “congenital talipes” or “clubfoot” (with an enlarged ankle) leaving his left leg several inches shorter than his right and completely paralyzed below the knee to this day. The many side effects he endured due to this condition caused him to spend most of his childhood in leg braces and living in and out of hospitals. Throughout this period he also had to contend with a severe stuttering problem.

As a young teenager his physical limitations made it a never ending struggle to fit in and he turned to music as a source of inspiration and comfort. Originally starting out as songwriter and a self-taught R&B/jazz guitarist (among several other instruments) Pete Peterkin was content for many years to help other performers maintain their well-earned reputations for musical greatness.

He wrote songs, did background vocals and played guitar for the likes of  Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, The Temptations and The Four Tops just to name a few. (Eventually as a songwriter Pete Peterkin acquired a gold record, a British Grammy and a TV Music Emmy.)

In the late 80’s as he grew physically stronger he began extensively experimenting with dance as well as his singing voice, hoping to one day emerge from the shadows of being a supporting player.

The singing experiments led him into impressions (over 200 and counting) as well as acting which helped him overcome his stuttering. Subsequently he was able to obtain roles in several stage and television productions usually cast as a legendary entertainer. (He received rave reviews for his performance in Dan Aykroyd’s “Blues Brothers Revival”.) Pete Peterkin is one of the best comic impressionists and celebrity musician impersonators in professional entertainment!

His growing interest in theater was rewarded when he performed in …and wrote the music and lyrics to a musical called “Claim It” which had a successful run in L.A. By the early 90’s his own voice as well as his quirky sense of humor took center stage. In addition to performing as a respected gospel and blues singer he wrote and performed musical comedy for L. A.’s number one radio station 92FM The Beat.

A chance viewing of a video by the late great Vegas impressionist, Danny Gans convinced Pete to put all of his skills into one show. A few years down the road he found himself performing in Vegas receiving a standing ovation from Danny Gans himself!

Today after being seen by over 100 million as a finalist on America’s Got Talent as “The Rock & Roll President” Pete Peterkin is an entertainer whose time has come.

When new fans around the world hear of the movie scripts, the plays, the books and the music he’s making available to the public, they understand that Pete Peterkin is a multi-media force, whose dreams are rapidly unfolding with each new opportunity that presents itself.

Travels from:  Las Vegas, NV

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