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RUSSELL PRINCE – Comic Caricature Artist

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Since 1977, Russell Prince has drawn caricatures off and on at theme parksbest agent and agency for hiring comic caricature artitsts around the U. S. to include Disney World, Universal Studios and Six Flags; and opened his own business hiring and teaching artists in Gatlinburg, TN and other tourist towns like Estes Park, CO. Russell financed most all of his flight training from doing caricatures and airbrushing which ultimately led to him becoming a professional pilot for over 20 years. Now semi-retired, Russell still enjoys drawing caricatures and gets a big kick from seeing people of all ages laugh and be thoroughly entertained from these caricatures — whether it’s a drawing of themselves, their friends or even their children.

If someone has a sense of humor, they are going to love these caricatures. They are drawn the “Disney way” which includes a likeness of the person, as well as them doing their favorite sport, hobby or profession; in a cartoon-type action pose.

Russell has a very portable yet attractive set-up to include director chairs, modified easel with sign and a caricature display board of celebrities mounted on an ornate easel. He can be set up in any room or outdoors in a matter of minutes. Caricatures are drawn in black and white only, thereby allowing dozens of drawings to be completed in 5 or 6 hours. Customers and their friends always leave happy and chuckling.

Properly framed, these caricatures can be kept and passed down within the family for generations as a fun and different heirloom. One thing is certain — with this type of artist entertaining your guests, your party or event will stand apart from others, and be remembered at the very least as having a unique entertainer — and one from which they will take home an artistic novelty as a gift from the host.

Travels from:  Tennessee

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