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TIM TV – The Secret Cirkus Vaudeville Style Theater Show

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The Knife-Throwing Act – The assistant outsmarts the knife thrower and gets out of the way every time!

The Precision Bullwhip Act – Tim’s breaks the targets he and his assistant are holding.

The Bed of Nails – Tim TV lies on the bed of nails and his assistant rides a a tiny bike over him.

Light the Match – The lovely lounge singer is wooed by a performer who spins batons, hula-hoops and dances with poisonous snakes – no fire is involved.

The Bed of Glass – A comedy sing-a-long where Tim TV performs feats of strength in broken glass.Book or Hire Tim Tv - Knife throwing act

Back in the mid-80s, teen Tim Tv was first thrust upon the stage performing martial arts demonstrations at exhibitions in front of a crowd. This grew and expanded into an award-winning karate team over the next 25 years.

From 1989-1994, Tim was the leather and velvet-clad front man for a local Detroit rock band called “Sweaterfish”. With their dynamic music and unpredictable stage show, they gained a local cult following and made it as far as CBGBs in NYC before splitting up. Then in 1995, Tim TV met The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, (yes, coined “Cirkus”) a traveling variety arts troupe from NYC. Their amazing blend of vaudeville, burlesque, circus sideshow and fire arts had him hooked.

Book or Hire Tim Tv - Bed of NailsAfter his first trip to Burning Man, Tim TV returned to Detroit and became one of the founding members of the international performance troupe “The Fire Fabulon”. From 2000-2008, the group performed hundreds of shows throughout the U. S. and Canada. Their amazing fire-spinning feats and tongue-in-cheek sideshow acts thrilled audiences large and small.

Tim’s hula-hooping, stilt-walking, glass-eating, whip-cracking, knife-throwing, fire-breathing maniac raises a few eyebrows in town, and so before long, Thee Inner Cirkus was born. Over the next two years, Tim Tv and crew performed variety shows at theaters, entertained at festivals & parties, and threw a random barrage of improv events (such as “Santarchy” and the “Freak Parade”) at the unwitting patrons of Main Street. More than mere entertainment, this was a “Mission of Permission”; an exercise of inspiration and a call-to-action for the art community.

Tim TV (Tim March) has gathered his favorite performers and put together a new troupe called “The Secret Cirkus“. Their motto – “Elevate, Transcend, Orchestrate, and Inspire” should give everyone a clue that this is going to be a very interesting year indeed!

Travels from: South Carolina

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