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Chris Isaak hits that include “Forever Blue,” “Wicked Game,” “Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing,” and “Somebody’s Crying.”

Opening for Chris Isaak is heartland rocker John Eddie.When the time came for Chris Isaak to begin writing songs that would become his startlingly fresh new Reprise recording Always Got Tonight, the ever vital singer/musician/actor/TV star employed a unique method of tunecrafting. “I literally wrote some of these songs in the sand,” he says, flashing the grin that’s made millions of hearts flutter. His “castaway” method took place after playing some concert dates in Hawaii. For a week, he cut himself off from his hectic lifestyle. He checked himself into an isolated, old, out-of-business beach-side hotel along the island’s coast where he was alone with his thoughts and emotions – no phones, no distractions. “I’d start in the morning at one end of the beach and I’d etch the words with a stick as I walked along the water’s edge over the course of the day. From there, the ideas flowed,” he says. “It was an unusual way to work, for sure. I had been working non-stop filming the first season of The Chris Isaak Show. After cramming in songwriting in bits and pieces on napkins in between takes during filming, writing in isolation by the water was really good for the soul, and it was rejuvenating.”

It was also the catalyst for what is perhaps the strongest recording of Isaak’s long and illustrious career. Always Got Tonight shows the artist adding a distinctly modern feel to the classic pop and rock sounds that have elevated him to the highest plateau of respect amongst artists. “I know I’m lucky that I get to make music every day of my life, especially since the only other thing I’m qualified for is roofing,” claims Isaak modestly.

As the critically-acclaimed hit Showtime series, The Chris Isaak Show begins its second season, out of the box reaction to Always Got Tonight reached beyond merely “like” – and deservedly so. It has the potency to trigger the impassioned critical praise long associated with Isaak’s recordings, while also providing some of his most commercially viable material to date. “Life Will Go On” is a haunting tale of life-after-love, replete with Isaak’s signature soulful crooning and fluid guitar lines reminiscent of his l990 breakout smash, “Wicked Game.” On the musical flipside, there’s “One Day,” a fast-paced rocker on which his voice brilliantly builds from breathy yearning into fervent emotional belting. Further into the set, there’s the breezy toe-tapping first single, “Let Me Down Easy” and the funk-fortified title track, both of which sport hooks that permanently embed the brain upon impact.

These tracks show the artist performing with the exuberance and unbridled energy of an artist just starting his career, which he attributes in large part to his newly forged collaboration with producer John Shanks (Stevie Nicks, Melissa Etheridge). “John is more than just a smart guy who knows his way around a studio,” Isaak says. “He’s a damned good musician. He’s got chops. He also understands the artist’s mentality. That made being in the studio an absolute pleasure. It also brought a fresh new perspective to making records for me.”

Shanks happily returns the compliment. “It’s kind of a blind date initially and slowly we gained trust in each other. I wanted to take Chris’ songs to a different place – making songs rock a little harder, to pull out the natural qualities of the songs. We were two guys in the sandbox hashing it out. He wasn’t just going to show up and put his picture on the record. We worked well off each other. We had camaraderie and agreed that the sound of the guitar was as important as the vocal sound. We accomplished what we set out to do – make a great record.”

Although Isaak considers himself a musician first and foremost, he enjoys doing The Chris Isaak Show largely because it allows him to incorporate his music – and his actual band comprising Rowland Salley (bass), Hershel Yatovitz (guitar) and Kenney Dale Johnson (drums) who co-star with him weekly. “The show has allowed all of us to express different parts of our personalities. I don’t think I could do a show that didn’t directly tie-in with my musical life. My musical life is just too important to me.”

Which brings him back to Always Got Tonight, an opus that affirms Isaak as an artist who proudly walks his own special path – a path that millions are compelled to follow. “The best part about making this record is that it reminded me that there are still mountains for me to climb as an artist,” he says. “I can’t wait to see and experience what lies ahead. As soon as the makeup comes off, the guitar goes on. I can’t wait to get out and tour with this record.” Neither can we.

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