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What a difference a year makes. In 12 short months, Echosmith has gone from little-known Los Angeles alt-pop gem to Warped Tour’s undeniable breakout band. Basking in the glow of a summer spent playing to thousands of fans all over the country, the quartet which consists of Sierota siblings Jamie (vocals, guitar), Sydney (vocals, keyboard), Noah (vocals, bass), and Graham (drums) is even more excited to share their music with all the people who weren’t able to see them on the annual punk-rock summer camp.

“We were super excited when we found out we’d be playing [Warped Tour],” remembers Jamie. “So many bands grow from that and come out with tons of fans.” Adds Sydney, “Going into it, I was totally nervous because we were so different, style-wise and age-wise, from almost every other band and I wasn’t sure if that was going to work against us, but it ended up being the exact opposite.”

The band was originally slated to play just the first half of the tour, but the reaction was so overwhelming, they were invited to stay until the end, which meant more people would get to hear music off the band’s upcoming debut album, Talking Dreams, out October 1. The full-length CD was produced by Mike Elizondo (Tegan And Sara, Gary Clark Jr., Maroon 5), who also happened to sign the band to Warner Brothers along with WBR chairman and fellow producer Rob Cavallo.

Though the members of Echosmith might be young, they are heavily influenced by the music they listened to
Echosmith-Talking-Dreams-300x300growing up, which includes a lot of early ’80s New Wave and can be heard on songs like “Come With Me” and “The Safest Place.” The band’s new album might not be out until fall, but if you go to any Echosmith show, you’ll already hear the audience singing right along. In June 2014, Echosmith released a 3-song Summer Sampler, featuring tracks from the LP, including fan favorites like “Come Together,” “Cool Kids” and the debut’s title track, the video for which was directed by famed actress Clea DuVall (Argo, American Horror Story).

“I remember the first time it happened [on Warped], it seemed so weird to me,” remembers Sydney. “I’d get the chills every time — even though it was 110 degrees. It’s just so cool to see other people as passionate about the band as we are.” With a blend of style and substance, it’s no wonder Echosmith is connecting with both critics and fans.

Alternative Press named them as one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know in 2013,” MTV declared them a “Buzzworthy Obsession” and Seventeen called Sydney’s voice “stunning.” Plus, after seeing the band’s electric live show, recent converts are constantly tweeting glowing endorsements like “I listened to @echosmith for four hours straight in the car yesterday” and “I am so freaking excited for the echosmith new album! Can’t wait.”

One song that seems to get the loudest crowd response is “Cool Kids,” a dreamy Smiths-esque strut that encourages people to embrace our differences because that’s actually what makes each and everyone of us cool. With lyrics like, “I wish that I could be like the cool kids, ‘Cause all the cool kids seem to fit in” it’s no wonder fans of all ages are relating to the sentiment.

Echosmith’s “in crowd” of outsiders is sure to grow when the band hits the road for more tour dates this fall. So what’s it like for them to look out on-stage and see a sea of smiling young faces staring back? “I think it’s really cool to be the same age as our fans,” explains Sydney, “because when we meet each other and start talking, it’s like we’re friends already.”

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