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Wendel Werner is the epitome of a modern day musical genius. Having been named “Composer of the Year” by the Tennessee Piano Teachers Association, performing as the featured entertainer for the Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies and the pianist for “Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy” one could easily see that Werner’s musical abilities cover a broad spectrum, and encompass most every musical genre. He is a composer, director, recording artist, teacher and performer, and devotes the utmost time and skill to each area. Having devoted time to almost every aspect of music and possessing immense talent not only as a Jazz and Pop Music Performer, but Classical as well, Wendel Werner is sought by many who hope to gain advice and knowledge.

Werner attributes much of his love for music to his father, who shared this passion with him. Ed Werner, was a meteorologist for the Air Force, but had a deep love for music of any kind. Upon retirement, he began volunteering for a listener supported radio station in Memphis, where he became programmer for “Mr. Ed’s Funky Time”, a radio show that played a mix of R&B from the 1950’s on. As a child, Wendel recalls his father entertaining his four young children by playing albums for them, and pointing out specific melodies and instruments at given times throughout the works. Ed’s encouragement for his children to listen to music gave them stimulation to become musicians themselves.

At the age of eleven, while the family is living in Miami, Werner’s parents purchased a piano for their home. Wendel Werner showed interest in the instrument and began taking formal lessons. Playing seemed to be natural to him and because he progressed at a rapid pace, instructors were forced to pass him on to more proficient musicians frequently. By the age of twelve, Wendel was able to name top musicians in genre’s ranging from classical to rock and roll. In Junior High, he began accompanying the school choir. This is where he first became interested in vocal music. He feels that he owes much of his musical inspiration to his father, and is thankful to have grown up in this type of environment.

While attending High School in Memphis, he sang and was a member of the Jazz Band, all the while continuing his study in classical piano. He acquired several ‘best soloist awards’ at various jazz festivals during this time. He also wrote and directed a musical “A Place Called Fame“. The natural creative ability he possessed was undeniable.

Wendel Werner began college at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, as a Classical Piano major. Upon completion of his sophomore year he switched studies to Jazz Piano and later received his Bachelors degree in Studio Music and Jazz. During his undergraduate years, Werner studied with renowned musicians such as Jerry Cocker, and former Jazz Messenger, Donald Brown.

Werner’s passion for music and his desire for versatility as a professionally trained musician led him to enroll in a Masters’ Program. He was not satisfied with the Bachelor’s degree he had received and intended to channel his musical ability in another direction. He received a Masters in Choral Conducting with an emphasis in Musicology. Wendel Werner hoped to never be restricted as an educator or performer, so he made it his personal endeavor to be trained in many areas.

As a director, he has worked in many capacities. He served as the director for the Knoxville, Tennessee Children’s Show Choir, the Athens Area Children’s Choir, as well as the Knoxville Showstoppers. In 2001, Werner accepted the position of director for UT Singers, the jazz choir at the University of Tennessee, where he is currently working. From 2002-2004, Werner served as the director of Just in Time, a women’s a cappella jazz choir that he began. In 2003, the group toured through Canada. Under his direction, he has had choirs perform in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Orlando, Dallas, Charlotte, Memphis, Birmingham, Washington D.C., Asheville, and Chicago. After playing a lead role in “Hair“, Werner was asked to be the director for “Beauty and the Beast”. He was one of the most sought after theater directors in the area, and brought ten productions to the stage in a time span no greater than three years. Upon directing a unique version of “Godspell” he was instrumental in the start of another community theater program.

Werner’s grasp on the world of music does not end as a director. He has composed three choral suites, “The Biblical Fires”; “The Biblical Waters”; and “Requiem”. In 1998, he was commissioned by the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association to compose a work for the Oak Ridge Symphony. The end result was a 20 minute piece entitled “Granddaddy’s Church”, which was Werner’s musical interpretation of the familiar sounds of the church where his Grandfather was a minister. His creativity was well depicted through this work, in addition to his personal flair for the unconventional. The ability he has to envision the use of conventional instruments in unique ways was seen here. This has become, in a sense, his musical trademark. Improvisation is another mark of his one-of-a-kind compositions, and is something that he tries to incorporate into each piece he writes. Wendel Werner feels that this allows each performer to place part of their individual style in the music, which makes each performance matchless and distinctive.

Collaborating with jazz saxophone player, Terry Schmidt, Werner has released four recordings, including “Live at Lucille’s”, and “Savannah Sleeps”. The two have appeared as opening acts for the likes of Herbie Hancock, Tuck and Patti, and Tony Bennett. In addition, he has also released four other albums, joining forces with singer Alan Eleazer. Having toured through Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Charlotte, Indianapolis and St. Louis to perform, Wendel’s musical genius is desired and appreciated everywhere. Werner’s ambition does not allow him to rest for long. Proof of this lies in the fact that 2007 alone saw the release of “Old Wine-New Skins,” the latest release by Werner and Alan Eleazer, and two solo recordings, “One Sitting” and his long-awaited second Christmas recording, “Let It Snow.” All this in addition to completing two tours within the same year.

Not only does his enthusiasm for music span many genres, but many generations as well. As a composer and performer he possesses the ability to make a wonderful impression, but as a teacher and director, he has the power to make that impression last. Having taught at several colleges in the area, Werner remains in constant demand. His unique classroom antics and delightful wit keep students on the edge of their seat. Having been a guest conductor for various ensembles, conducting musical workshops for a number of high schools and colleges, as well instructing several Master classes throughout the Southeast, many musicians have had the opportunity to experience first-hand the limitless talent and creativity that is Wendel Werner.

Werner is one of music’s remaining Renaissance men, with his ability to “blur the lines” among genres, and portray overwhelming emotion to his listeners and students. His compositions truly are works of art, modern day masterpieces. But above all, Werner’s fervor is displayed each time he takes a seat at the piano. He pours himself out each time he plays, because he feels that anything less is no good, and he takes his job very seriously. “Musicians don’t realize the power they have, the power to save lives. People give up their time and money; they come to us to take their problems away…” This belief is what he conveys to each student and is without a doubt conveyed in every dynamic performance!

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