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38 SPECIAL Southern Rock Band

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Don Barnes is the consummate musician. He is a gifted singer, songwriter, performer, guitarist, instrumentalist, and producer. However, his talent is not merely the result of inherent genius, but of years of persistence, determination, self-discipline, sweat, and good old-fashioned hard work. In essence, Don is a self-made man.

As a seasoned music veteran, Don is one of those exceptional artists who continue to improve over time. He still possesses the passion, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the ever-changing musical landscape. Always one to challenge himself, and driven to perfection, Don’s soulful vocals, prolific songwriting, and red-hot guitar-playing have never been better.

Offstage, there is more to Don Barnes than meets the eye. He is as witty, intelligent, and personable as he is talented. Although his love for music is consistently apparent, it is his appreciation of the fans that leaves a lasting impression.

It has been said that the mark of a great guitarist is their ability to create their own signature sound. Since 1987, Danny Chauncey‘s unique
Don-Danny-297x300style has contributed to the continuing success of 38 Special.

A guitar virtuoso, Danny exhibits his technical prowess with precision and class. Preferring substance over show, Danny plays with deliberate cool. His simple, uncluttered technique speaks more of soul and feel than flamboyance and speed.

In addition to his role as guitarist, Danny is a remarkable songwriter and producer. He has earned the respect of both audiences and critics alike. Danny always has time for the fans, visiting and signing autographs after the show. His innate ability to relate to the younger crowd will, no doubt, serve as an inspiration to many future guitarists. It is this unassuming attitude, combined with his extraordinary talent, that has made Danny an integral part of 38 Special.

Bobby Capps is the man pounding the boards!
Having played throughout Florida’s local club scene, Arkansas native Bobby Capps has found his home as keyboardist and vocalist for 38 Special. Since 1991, Bobby’s contributions have helped round out the band’s distinctive southern sound.

Although he usually provides backup vocals, Don and Donnie graciously hand over the reigns for the song, “Second Chance.” A staple of the band’s live medley, “Second Chance” gives Bobby the opportunity to really show his chops.

Monster drummer Gary Moffatt has the admiration of the band’s die-hard supporters. He is one of the few percussionists who can entertain a crowd with an extended drum solo.

Gary’s electrifying, skin-pounding talents even “scare” Donnie – a compliment, to be sure. His tight fills and steely-hard back beats are the foundation of 38’s hard-driving rhythms.

Barry Dunaway is the newest member of the Southern rock group 38 Special, is a gifted and versatile bassist, singer and songwriter. With his growling bass tones, kinetic stage persona and soulful vocals, Barry brings to the 38 family an undeniable amount of talent and experience.

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