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Call A to Z Entertainment, Inc. today for free information about how to hire or book the live rock band  Linkin Park. We are your best booking agent and top talent agency for Linkin Park! We book or help you hire any live professional entertainment you want, to include – live rock bands, rock singers, rock and pop musicians, and rock tribute and cover bands. Some of Linkin Park’s hit songs are –  “In the End,” “One Step Closer,” “Points of Authority,” “With You,” “Pushing Me Away,” “Crawling” and “Cure for the Itch.”

Whenever we finish an album, it’s usually coupled with a block of text meant to describe it. The record company pays a so-called “reputable” writer to tell you what you’re supposed to craft their most exciting description of the music, in the hopes that it will help convince you to like it. But it seems to us that words usually don’t do a great job of defining the sound of an album, so we thought we’d try something different and just tell you, directly from us, what was on our minds as we set out to make our new album, “A Thousand Suns”. We’ll leave the rest up to you.

Before you hear the music, we wanted you to know that this album was put together to be enjoyed as that: an album. We’re aware that many people are accustomed to small, single-song servings. In spite of that (or maybe because of it), we mean for this album to take you on a journey. If you decide to listen to the album in pieces, that’s fine; we just wanted to let you know there’s a part of the experience that only works when you listen to A Thousand Suns from beginning to end.

Listening to some of our favorite albums, it’s easy to forget that there was a moment in time, before their release, when they were just a crazy idea to an artist. We tried to keep that moment in mind as we were making this record. It provided us with the inspiration to take chances and not worry if at first something we tried was different or weird.

If you are already familiar with our band, you may notice a difference in the sound of this one. Part of it is because we love to try new things, and part of it is because there has been a sound that we’ve been waiting for in modern alternative music. We worked with Rick Rubin again on this record (he co-produced our last record) because he understood our vision of trying to capture this new sound.

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