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Panic! At the Disco, a dance rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, strive to create a unique sound by blending melody driven rock with dance music. The line, “ambitious and desperate for attention,” taken from one of their songs, might give an idea as to how they feel as they write their first full length record. This is a young band that has the opportunity to turn their passion into a career.

Ryan Ross (guitar/lyrics) and Spencer Smith (drums) grew up on the same street, and around the time the two began high school they discovered their mutual interest in playing music. They formed a band with Brent Wilson (bass) who then transferred high schools his junior year, and ended up meeting Brendon Urie (guitar/vocals) in guitar class. After one rehearsal together with Brendon, the rest of the band knew the lineup was complete.

Subsequently, the band became more serious about writing and desired to do something different than what was going on around them. “Walking through our practice space, we heard every band playing essentially the same thing- it started to drive us insane. But I’m kind of thankful we had to share a building with those bands, because we probably wouldn’t have realized that we wanted to do something different nearly as quick” Ryan laughs. The band began to demo songs with just a laptop, microphone, and a keyboard. Brendon adds, “We were pretty skeptical to the idea that kids would be into what we were doing. Four kids playing rock music, mixing it with techno beats and synthesizers wasn’t exactly the cool thing to be doing then.” Little did they know, the band would be at the forefront of a growing genre.

The first two songs they wrote and recorded were put online and posted by the band in the LiveJournal of Peter Wentz from Fall Out Boy. Without any expectations of hearing back, luck must have been on their side. “When we first talked, Pete said he usually never listens to anything people post, but by chance happened to that day” says Ryan. Within the next few days Pete drove across the desert to meet the band and watch a practice. As they were driving back to Pete’s hotel, he expressed his interest in wanting to sign the band to his label Decaydance – an imprint of Fueled By Ramen..

Panic! At the Disco is currently writing their first full length record with hopes to surprise a few people and open them up to something new. The band is in the process of writing their first full-length record and with it hopes to surprise a few people and open them up to something new. “We believe it is crucial to the best first impression possible, kids may only give you that one chance to impress them, and if you don’t they’ll just write you off” says Ryan.”We want to write a rock record you can dance to, we want it to be fun but at the same time it’s going to be very sincere. Everything you say is a self-portrait”

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