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“The Temps have always been known for great lead singers. Today we have three of the greatest leads in the proud history of the group.” Otis Williams

The soaring voice of Ron Tyson, perhaps the best high tenor in the business. Terry Weeks, who grew up in Alabama and spent eight years in the Air Force before his makeshift audition for Otis on a Hollywood street corner, who’s smooth textures and tones, express an extraordinary full range of feelings.

“The more we change, the more we stay true to ourselves. We’re about singing straight-up soul. It’s a style that will live on forever.” Ron Tyson

“Our challenge,” says Williams, “is to live in the present while respecting the past. Our past is filled with riches only a fool would discard. At the same time, we thrive on competition. As a ‘Motowner’, I grew up in the most competitive musical atmosphere imaginable. But we also understand that for a group with history, no matter how glorious that history might be, reinvention is the name of the game.”

“When I tell people we are God’s group,” says Otis, a remarkable, modest man, “I don’t mean it arrogantly. It’s just that we have been tested time and again and keep coming back. We have suffered the deaths of so many legendary singers… Paul Williams, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin. Others like Dennis Edwards, Richard Street, Ali-Ollie Woodson, and Theo Peoples have left, and yet our unity is tighter, our sound brighter, and our popularity greater. Someone has watched over this group. Someone has protected our integrity. Someone has said… just go on singing and it’ll get better.”

Larry Braggs is passionate, powerful and very spiritual. These are also the amazing attributes of the voice of this two-time Grammy-nominated artist. Cut from the same cloth as some of the world’s greatest vocalists, Larry has one of the most notable voices in the business. With a vocal range over three octaves and a command of the stage like no other, Larry has become one of the most electrifying entertainers on tour. This has gained him the respect and praise of his peers and fans all over the world.

Willie Greene Jr. is a bass vocalist who was born in Birmingham, Alabama. In the early-sixties Willie first saw The Temptations on The Lloyd Thaxton Show. They sang “The Way You Do The Things You Do” and “Get Ready”. Even though I was just a child… I knew that I was a “Temptation forever!” Throughout my career I have had the honor, privilege and pleasure of recording and performing with Lyle Lovett, Ry Cooder, Dolly Parton, John Fogerty, George Harrison (The Beatles)…. This opportunity to become a part of the “Great Temptation Legacy” is truly God’s greatest musical gift to me! I would like to thank Mr. Otis Williams for his tenacity in keeping the group together and granting me this opportunity!

The current line-up of the group features Larry Braggs, once the lead singer for Tower of Power Band, who brings that special something that the ladies will love, and men will admire. Ron Tyson, an incomparable voice continues as the falsetto singer, being perfectly able to follow the classic style of Eddie Kendrick’s tradition. The band leader Dr. Otis C. Williams, the last remaining original member, who’s always in the middle keeps the group operating at peak performance and maintains the historical foundation while Terry Weeks, who is not to be outdone by anyone, fills the space vocally and melodically across the board, and the newest newcomer, Willie Greene Jr. with a bass voice as deep and as clear as the ocean, complete the current Temptations.

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