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Andy Paul Speed Selling Expert Trainer, Zero-Time Selling CEO
Angela Ahrendts CEO Burberry, Clothing-Retail, Top Female Business Leader
Antonio Villaraigosa Former Mayor of Los Angeles, Leadership Speaker
Barry Asmus Economics, Author, Business Globalization, Public Policy
Ben Stein Public Policy, Politics and Economics, Author, Journalist 
Bethenny Frankel Skinnygirl Products, Author, TV Star, Self-Made Woman
Bill McDermott Corporate Re-Engineering, Technology, Selling, Leadership
Biz Stone Twitter Co-Founder, Business Creativity Speaker
Bob Burg  Business Expert, Ultimate Influence Author
Bob DeStefano Internet Marketing, Search Engine, Social Media, Email Expert
Bodine Balasco Business Workshop Trainer, Business Creativity
Brian Tracy Consultant, CEO, Author 45 books, Leadership, Selling, Strategy
Cameron Herold Entrepreneurship, Building and Growing Your Business, COO
Carla Harris Financial and Wealth Management Expert, Author
Chad Hymas Business president, Author, Wheelchair Athlete
Chip Conley Hotelier and Hospitality CEO, Author and Business Expert
Chris Gardner Pursuit of Happyness, Rags to Riches Entrepreneur
Christine Clifford Sales and Marketing Expert, Author, Cancer Survivor
Connie Podesta Author, Sales, Negotiation, How to Stand Out
Dale Murphy Former Atlanta Braves Baseball Star, Businessman
Dan Thurmon Entertainer, Author, Making Positive Changes
Daniel Burrus Business Strategist, Technology Innovation, Business Trends
Dana Telsey CEO and Chief Research Office Telsey Group
David Chaves Cyber Security, Crime Prevention Expert, former FBI Agent
Dave Kerpen Best Selling Author, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneur
Dave Schwensen
Funny Author, Business communications
Desi Williamson  Business Executive, Trainer, “America’s Willpower Champion” 
Dirk Beveridge Author, Educator, Business Consultant, Sales Management
Don Feldman CPA, Tax Reduction, Exit Planning, Business Evaluation
Dr. Benjamin Carson Best Selling Author, Leadership, Overcoming Obstacles
Dr. Carmen M. Castro, D.B.A. Motivational Business and Economics Speaker
Dr. Healthnut David Nico PhD, Leadership and Healthpreneurship
Dr. Jackie Freiberg Best Selling Author, Leadership, Employee Development
Dr. Kevin Freiberg Innovation, Customer Loyalty, Hiring & Retention
Dr. Maura Cullen Diversity and Inclusion Expert Trainer
Dr. Michael Mescon Business Author, Management Success, Earning Loyalty

Dr. Robert Cialdini Influence Author, Persuasion and Negotiation Expert
Eric O’Neill Cyber-Security, Corporate and National Defense, Former FBI Agent
Erik Wahl Creativity Speaker, Best Selling Author UNthink, Speed Artist
Felicia Slattery Marketing and Communications Trainer
Frank Bucaro America’s Leading Business Ethics Speaker and Trainer
Gary Harmon Author, Diversity and Disability Inclusion Keynote Speaker
Gary Vaynerchuk Social Media and E-commerce Business Expert
Howard Putnam Airlines CEO, Consultant, Change and Ethics, Entrepreneur
Ian Percy Organizational Psychologist, “How To Stimulate Innovation”
Jack Welch Former CEO of General Electric, Author, Winning Speaker
Jack TroutMarketing & Advertising Expert, Simple Management
Jeff Lanza Former FBI Agent, Cyber Security and Crime Prevention Expert
Jim Cathcart Sales Marketing Expert, Author Relationship Selling
Jim Knight Hard Rock Trainer, Hotel & Restaurant Expert, Employee Branding
Jim McKelvey Technology Entrepreneur, Inventor, Glass Expert, Trainer
Jimmy Wales Wikipedia Founder, Business Technology Expert Speaker
Joe Plumeri CEO Willis Group, Citibank, Travelers, Shearson Lehman Brothers
Joel Barker Business Paradigms, Preparing for the Future, Visionary Leadership
John Amatt Mountain Climber, Educator, Effective Teamwork, Author
John Di Frances Innovation Trainer, Relationship Selling Expert
John Kao Innovation and Creativity Advisor, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author
John Sileo 
Identity Theft-Prevention and Cyber-Security Expert
Kelsey Tyson Crushing Competition, Six Laws Market Dominance
Ken Blanchard Best-Selling Author, One Minute Manager, Management Expert

Kevin Brown Customer Loyalty Expert
Kevin Mitnick Cyber-Security Expert, Hacking and Crime Prevention Trainer
Larry Winget Best-selling Author, TV Personality, Success Values
Laura Barron Conflict & Change Trainer, Innovative Problem Solving
Linda Swindling Negotiations Expert Trainer
Lisa Hall Business Consultant, Networking, Time Management
Lt. Col. “Waldo” Waldman Author, Sales, Leadership, Building Trust
Mark Victor Hansen “Chicken Soup for Soul”, Sales & Publishing Success
Mark Sanborn Motivate & Manage, Leadership, Customer Service & Change

Mark Schaefer Author, Tao of Twitter, Sales & Marketing, Social Media
Meridith Elliott Powell Award-winning Business Expert Trainer, Author
Michael Abrashoff Former Navy Commander, Best-Selling Author
Michael Eisner CEO Disney, Tornante Founder and Owner, Entrepreneur
Michael McKinley Maximizing Performance, Teamwork, Balancing Work & Home

Mitch Gaylord Applying “Gold Medal Mind Set To Goals” Overcoming Adversity 
Nick Sarillo CEO Nick’s Pizza & Pub, Author, Leadership, Hiring
Nir Eyal
Business Psychology Writer, Advisor, Teacher and Trainer
Patricia Fripp Sales Presentation Skills Trainer, Executive Speech Coach
Patrick Schwerdtfeger Business Franchise, Marketing Strategies, Author
Patti Fralix Managing Differences, Overcoming Stress, Leading For Results

Paul Mellor Memory Skills Trainer
Robert Kriegel Author, Developing & Leading Change-Ready Organizations
Rhonda Jones Sparks Maximize Limited Resources, Leadership Coaching
Richard St. John The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common Author
Rick Barrera E-Business, Non-Manipulative Selling, Handling Change
Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Investing Money, Financial Success

Robin Jay Relationship Selling Trainer, Film Maker, Author
Sally Hogshead Branding, Communicating, Being Captivating and Fascinating
Sandy Ogg CEO, HR Expert, U.S. Coast Guard veteran
Scott Cantrell Achieving Goals, Marketing Strategy, Self-Management
Scott Friedman Humorous Presentations, Employee Innovation
Scott Klososky CEO, Author and Technology Expert
Seth Mattison Workforce Strategist, Management Trends Spotter
Sheila Murray Bethel Leadership, Change and Customer Service Expert

Sir Alexander Ferguson Legendary Soccer Coach, Leadership, Management
Sir Howard Stringer CBS President, Leadership, Corporate Re-Engineering
Sir Richard Branson CEO Virgin Empire, Leader innovation & Customer Service
Steve Farber Leadership speaker, author The Radical Leap, Greater Than Yourself
Susan Cain TED Speaker, Best-Selling Author Quiet Power
Susan Neuman Secretary of Education, Literacy, Fostering a Learning Spirit

Thomas Connellan Getting the Best from People, Gaining Customer Loyalty
Tim Richardson Author, Transformation Thinking, Customer Service
Tom Golden Fraud Prevention, Forensic Accounting Expert
Tony Alessandra Building Customer Relations & the Bottom Line

Tony Robbins Overcoming Fears, Wealth Building, Persuasion Communication
Walter Bond Business Leadership, Sales, “Mr. Accountability”, NBA Star
Weldon Long Author, Change Thinking, Change Life
Willie Robertson Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander CEO

Motivational Financial and Economics Speakers for Hire

Allyson Lewis Time Management and Productivity, CEO, CFP
Arthur Laffer
  OMB Chief Economist, Ph.D., Supply-Side Economics
Dave Ramsey
  Author, Financial Peace, Financial Advice
David L. Smith
Economic & Financial Insight, Forecasts Profitable Strategies
Don Reynolds Humorous Economic & Technology Trends Planner

Faith Popcorn Fortune 500 Advisor, Future Business Trends
Frank Cappiello  Investment Counseling, Wall Street Financial Analysis
Gene Stanaland
“Will Rogers of Economics”, Current Economic Issues Analysis
Jane Bryant Quinn
Leading Finance Commentator, Writer, TV Personality
Jeremy Rifkin
17 Best-Selling Economic Trends Books, Technology Change
Jim Jorgensen Radio Host, Retirement Finance Expert

Jordan Goodman  “America’s Money Answers Man”, TV & Radio Finance Expert
Kay Bailey Hutchison Former U.S. Senator, Author, Leadership, Conservatism
Lawrence Kudlow
  CEO Economic Research, TV & Radio Economic Expert
Mary Ann Campbell Small Business Development, CFP, Business Finance

Murray Weidenbaum Economic Policy, Taxes, Govt. Spending & Regulations 
Noreena Hertz International Economic Predictions, Ph.D., Economic Regulations
Rachel Cruze Dangers of Debt & Credit Cards, Budget Advice for Youth
Star Parker Economics Education, Personal Initiative, Responsibility
Steve Forbes CEO Forbes Media, Corporate Leadership, Flat Tax Advocate
Terry Savage Internet, Radio & TV  Personal Finance, Investing Techniques

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