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BARRY ASMUS Professor, Author and Economist, Health Care Issues and Public Policy Speaker

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Dr. Barry Asmus is a Senior Economist at the National Center for Policy Analysis. He writes, consults, and testifies on health care, education, taxes and on policy issues which promote a free enterprise and limited government economy.

Barry receives standing ovations and repeat invitations because he customizes every presentation. Unique and fresh, his speech presents an optimistic and thrilling future for America. Named by USA Today as one of the five most requested speakers in America, his comments on business, the economy, the future, globalization and public policy are rooted in factual information, enthusiasm and humor.

In his words: “I try never to forget that the speech I am about to give prospers in direct proportion to the way my audience responds. Will they enjoy it? Will they laugh? Will they learn? Will they feel it?  Is there something special about this presentation? Exceptionalism is not a one-shot event. It is a process which starts with knowing your audience and then delivering with content, enthusiasm, and humor.”

Whether addressing 30 world bankers at the home of Harvard’s President, 3,000 farmers in Des Moines, or 7,000 members of the Million Dollar Round Table at Radio City Music Hall, Barry Asmus presents his commentary in an entertaining, easily-understood style. Recognized for his views on making U.S. companies world-class competitors by focusing on delivering value to the customer, he addresses many of the opportunities and challenges facing American business today.

As the Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, Dr. Asmus does not just speak on policies — he is also involved with their implementation. He has testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on switching from an income tax to a consumption tax; was a featured speaker in a privatizing Social Security Conference for Western European leaders held in France, and has recently returned from an engagement speaking as part of the faculty for the Young President’s Organization in Cape Town, South Africa.

His Fall 2001 appearance at the Forbes’ Chateau de Balleroy in France with former Czech Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus, members of the British Parliament, and other Western European leaders focused on the importance of public policy decisions in Europe and how they might meld with the global economy. Barry Asmus has debated members of former President Clinton’s Administration on making American health care competitive using Medical Savings Accounts. He is a strong advocate of free market and limited government solutions.

Dr. Asmus likes to explain the economic concepts needed to navigate the evolving network economy to worldwide
Dr.-Barry-Asmus-bookfirms like Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM and a host of other audiences. Based on durable free market economic principles, his presentations apply the current issues of the information economy to help decision-makers formulate informed and effective choices in a global, e-commerce world.

Fifteen years as a Professor of Economics; twice voted the Outstanding Professor of the Year, as well as honored with the Freedom Foundation Award at Valley Forge for Private Enterprise Education, Dr. Barry Asmus is the author of a number of books, including: Crossroads: The Great American Experiment nominated for an H.L. Mencken Award; and The Space Place, an economic principles book for kids.

America’s Economic Challenges and Opportunities
What will the 21st century look like for America? What are America’s biggest challenges and opportunities? Can we retain the fundamental characteristics that have defined America’s greatness? Dr. Asmus describes the three inviolable drivers of a free market economy as well as the three economic freedoms that produce remarkable prosperity

Globalization and Emerging Markets
Dr. Asmus has 25 years experience with research organizations that economically monitor 180 countries for economic freedom and trade. Worldwide markets and sourcing opportunities make for an exciting future. His 2013 book with Wayne Grudem, The Poverty of Nations, describes sustainable solutions for poor nations seeking growth and a new beginning.

Energy Powers the Economy
The Stone Age didn’t end for lack of stones and neither will the fossil fuel age end for lack of energy. The economic
the-Best-is-Yet-to-Comeimplications of America’s discovery of the four largest gas fields in the world through vertical and horizontal drilling and fracking are causing many economists to call it the game changer of the century. The U.S. is now the fastest growing energy producer on the planet. Add the positive geopolitical and wealth producing consequences and our economic future has brightened considerably.

Curing the Health Care Crisis
As the Affordable Care Act imposes $1 trillion of new taxes and another $716 billion from Medicare, the question is what are we getting in return for all of this? Unfavorable population demographics and skyrocketing health care costs only accentuate policies that expand the demand for care and do nothing to increase supply. Can we avoid a European future? The National Center for Policy Analysis believes we can.

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