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DAVE CHAVES Cyber Security Expert Speaker, former FBI Agent

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Dave Chaves has been an often requested guest lecturer on the subjects of cybersecurity, lie detection, corporate governance, due diligence/risk assessment, and corporate culture. He has spoken on these subjects on numerous occasions at Brown University, UCONN, Emory College, Georgia Tech, NYU Law,and PACE Law.

Supervisory Special Agent David A. Chaves (retired) was a senior FBI Official assigned to the New York Division for twenty years. He served as the securities fraud program manager for the most visible securities cases prosecuted over the last decade. He is widely recognized as the chief strategist in coordinating these complex white collar investigations and for infiltrating corrupt participants in the hedge fund industry through the use of sophisticated techniques, undercover operations, and wire taps.

Mr. Chaves is a securities fraud subject matter expert and lectures to audiences around the world on securities fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), compliance/regulation, best practices, leadership, and cyber threats to the financial industry.

David has led delegations in foreign countries on behalf of FBI and State Department to assist judges and prosecutors on “rule of law” and protection of fundamental human rights. Prior to joining the FBI he became the youngest Detective Sergeant in the State of Massachusetts and the first policeman to become an attorney and member of the MA Bar. He also had a civil litigation practice in MA.

David Chaves is regularly sought by print, online, and television media for his unique insight on a broad spectrum of topics. As an FBI Agent, he also worked closely with financial industry executives and legal teams to foster a culture of compliance, leadership, and responsibility.

Dave Chaves Speaking Topics:

FBI on Wall Street
A one of a kind presentation that uncovers the seminal investigation of Wall Street by the FBI and SEC. Learn how the FBI uncovered the biggest insider trading fraud in U.S. history and the challenges in bringing charges as well as the sophisticated techniques used to change an industry. Learn how the epidemic of insider trading led to a revival of the same industry, through partnership with the FBI.

Tone at the Top
Tone at the Top sets a company’s guiding values and establishes a culture of compliance and responsibility. Reputation risk and brand are priorities in protecting any business. Learn how to minimize risk, foster a culture of compliance, cascade leadership, identify rogue employees, and spot lies. Creating and maintaining “tone at the top” is the foundation of a robust ethics and accountability program that will enrich and protect your brand.

Cyber Security: Don’t be a Victim
In this keynote speech, FBI Supervisory Special Agent David A. Chaves (retired) talks about cybercrime and the catastrophic consequences that face us all. In 2017, the evolving threat stream makes you and your business a target as hackers become more sophisticated and organized. DDoS attacks, botnets, malware, ransomware, business email compromise, IoT, dronejacking, phishing, and mobile malware can devastate your business. Explore the “Dark Web” and to see how criminals operate under a cloak of anonymity. Hear real FBI closed cases that will keep you up at night and the best practices to help protect you and your company.

Lead from Where You Stand
FBI Supervisory Special Agent David A. Chaves (retired) is a leadership and performance expert who helped craft the FBI’s “Leadership Development Program.” He was the architect of the FBI’s “Lead from Where You Stand” series which brought Wall Street executives into the FBI to share their keys to success. As a recognized thought leader, David mentored both new and seasoned FBI agents and government employees. David inspires audiences to challenge themselves and discover their highest potential through entertaining stories of his personal life and 20 year FBI career. Listen to his unique insights and powerful message that will transform your personal and professional relationships.

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